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4435 weeks

31046 days

745104 hours

44706240 minutes

2682374400 seconds

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Q: How many months weeks days hours minutes and seconds in 85 years.?
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How many months weeks days hours minutes and seconds for 50th wedding anniversary?

600 months.

How many months weeks days hours minutes seconds in 12 years?

12, 48, 306, 1836, 11060 wait i messed up.. i forgot the minutes so it goes months weeks days hours seconds

There are how many months weeks days hours minutes and seconds in 12 years?

12 years = 144 months = about 626 weeks = about 4383 days on average = about 105,190 hours on average = about 6,311,390 minutes on average = 378,683,424 seconds on average (not counting leap seconds)

What are units for time?

The most common are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

What units you use to measure time?

Seconds , minutes, hours, days, weeks months , years, etc.

How many months weeks days hours minutes seconds in a year?

Months. . . . 12 Weeks . . . . 52.177 Days. . . . . . 365.24 Hours . . . . . 8,765.76 Minutes. . . . 525,945.6 Seconds . . . 31,556,736 Note: Number of months in 1 year is by definition. Number of weeks is based on 365.24 days and rounded. Other numbers are derived using 365.24 days.

How many 8 hours days are in 139.08?

It depends on the units for 139.08: seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years etc.

Are seconds minutes hours days weeks months years centuries and millenniums part of the customary system?


How many weeks days hours seconds and minutes in 2012?

522/7 = 52.29 weeks 8,784 hours 31,622,400 seconds 527,040 minutes

What is 1.5 years?

18 months 78.27 weeks 547.875 days 13149 hours 788940 minutes 47336400 seconds

What smaller sections of time are eras divided into?

Millennia, centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

What division of time?

seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millenniums. Seconds can be divided into miliiseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds.

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