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Because a cube has 12 and Pyramid has 8

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Q: How many more edges a cube have than a pyramid?
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How many more edges are there in a cube than in a pyramid?

Assuming a square-based pyramid. 4 more edges in a cube than in a pyramid.

How many edges does a cube have than pyramid?

A cube has 12 edges. A 4-sided pyramid has 8 edges. A 3-sided pyramid has 6 edges. There are also other pyramids with more sides.

What figure has more edges a square pyramid or a cube?

A cube has 12 edges, a square pyramid has 8. So a cube.

How many more edges does a cube have than a square pyramid?

12 * * * * * NO! It has 4 more edges.

How many edges has a square based pyramid on top of a cube got all together?

4+4+4+4 4 sides are the bottom(Base) of the cube, 4 of the sides are the verticle edges of the cube, 4 more of the sides are the top of the cube/and the base of the trianglular pyramid, and the other 4 are the edges of the pyramid. Total number of edges is 16

What does have 5 more Square faces and 4 more edges than a Square Pyramid?

A cube

What Solid Figure has 5 more square faces and 4 more edges than a Square Pyramid?

A cube

What does a cube and pyramid and rectangular prism have in common?

Four or more place polygonal faces. Four or more vertices. Six or more edges. Faces + Vertices = Edges + 2

How many more edges dose a cube have than a cylinder?

A cube has 12 edges whereas a cylinder has 2 edges so therefore it has 10 more edges than a cylinder.

How many more faces does a cube have then a square pyramid?

1 a cube has 6 faces and a square pyramid has 5

How many more vertices are there in this cube than in this triangular pyramid?

A cube has 8 vertices, a triangular pyramid has 4. So there are 4 more.

How many more vertices does a cube have than a rectangular pyramid?

A cube has 6 vertices and a square or rectangular based pyramid has 5 vertices so the cube has 1 more.