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Number of produced movies in different parts of the world is clearly changed every year. Acording to Screen Digest "Top 50 countries ranked by number of feature films produced, 1997, 2003-2007" the number of produced movies in the western world (US, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Europe include Russion Federation) par a year was:

- around 2000 movies in 1997 (767 in US),

- around 2500 movies in 2007 (453 in US).

Number of produced movies was growing differently in former third world (rest of Asia, Mexico and South America, Africa):

- around 1400 movies in 1997 (697 in India),

- around 2400 movies in 2007 (1164 in India).

-around 1020 movies in 2008 (437 in Pakistan)

-around 1500 movies in 2005 (747 in Pakistan)

Different and detail statistic data for US market offers MPAA's "US Theatrical Market Statistics report":

- 603 movies were released into theaters in 2007.

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Q: How many movies are made each year?
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