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1 millimetre = 1,000,000 nanometres.

To convert a value in millimetres to nanometres, multiply by 1,000,000

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Q: How many nanometers in a millimetre?
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How many nanometers equals 1 mm?


What does 1 millimeter equals in nanometers?

1 millimetre = 1 million nanometres.

How many millimetres are in 25 nanometers?

A nanometre is 1x10^-9 metres and a millimetre is 1x10^-3 metres. Therefore there are 1x10^6 nanometres in a millimetre or 1,000,000. 25nm/1,000,000 gives 0.000025mm

How many 2 nanometers could fit into 2 millimeters?

1 millimetre = 106 nanometres so 106, or a million will fit.

How many millimeters is 90 nanometers?

There are 1,000,000 nanometres in a millimetre. You have to divide 90 by 1 million. 90/1000000 gives you 0.00009 millimetres.

How many nano meters are in a mm?

1 meter = 1 000 000 000 nanometers =D

How many nanometers are there in 300 millimeters?

There are 1000000 nanometres in one millimetre. Therefore, 300 millimetres is equal to 300 x 1000000 = 300000000 nanometres.

How do you convert nanometers to millimeters?

There are 1000000 nanometres in one millimetre. Therefore, to convert nanometres to millimetres, divide by 1000000. For example, 5600000 nanometres is equal to 5600000/1000000 = 5.6 millimetres.

How many millimeters are in 261 nanometer?

There are 1000000 nanometres in one millimetre. Therefore, 261 nanometres is equal to 261/1000000 = 0.000261 millimetres.

Who many nanometers are in a millimeter?

1mm is 1,000,000 nanometers.

How many nanometers is 2.5 centimeters?

25000000 nanometers

How many meters are in 150 nanometers?

150 nanometers is 0.00000015m