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Each nickel is 5 cents or $ 0.05

Divide the 2.50 by .05 which is 250/5 = 50

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Q: How many nickels are in 2.50?
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In a jar of coins the ratio of nickels to dimes is 57. If the jar contains 350 dimes how many nickels are there?

There are 250.

How many nickels could you trade for 250 yen?


How many dollars is 500 nickels?

500 nickels x (1 dollar/20 nickels) = 25 dollars

How many nickels would equal 250 grams?

Each nickel weighs 5g, so there are 250 g ÷ 5 g/nickel = 50 nickels.

What are buffalo nickels made from?

All Buffalo nickels are made from .750 copper & .250 nickel.

2 dollars and 10 nickels equals how many quarters?

A quarter is 25 cents. Two dollars is 200 cents and 10 nickels is 50 cents, for a total of 250 cents. That's the same as 250/25 = 10 quarters.

What were nickels made out of in 1940 and 1941?

NICKELS dated 1940 & 1941 arre made from .750 copper and .250 nickel.

How much is 5000 nickels?

5000 nickels is equal to $250

How many nickels are in a nickel roll?

There are 40 nickels in a roll of nickels.

How many nickels are there in 35.00?

700 nickels

How many nickels is in a box of nickels?


How many nickels in 17dollars?

340 nickels

How many nickels are there in 19.50?

390 nickels.

How many nickels in 11.75?

235 nickels.

How many nickels are in $1.50?

25 nickels

What common household item may weighs 250 grams?

45 nickels

How many nickels are in a roll of nickels?

A standard roll of nickels contains 40 nickels for a value of $2.00

How many nickels are in fourteen quarters?

how many quarters are in 40 nickels

How many nickels in 5?

The answer to the question: "How many nickels in five dollars." is 100 nickels. This is because there are 20 nickels in a dollar so 20x5=100

How many nickels for a dollar?

20 nickels is a dollar.

How many nickels are you in 70.00?

In $70.00, there are 1,400 nickels.

How many nickels can you get for 38 pennies?

7.6 nickels.

How many nickels equal 40 nickels?


How many nickels in 75 dollars?

The answer is 1500 nickels.

What is the nickel 5 cents coin made of?

Nickels are .750 copper & .250 nickel

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