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15 nickels

75 / 5 = 15 nickels

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Q: How many nickels are in seventy five cents?
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Related questions

How many nickels in seventy five cents?


How many dimes and nickels you have to make seventy-five cents?

7 dimes and 1 nicle

How many nickels are in seventy five dollars?

1500 of them.

How many nickels are in 1 quarter?

One quarter (worth twenty five cents) is equal to five nickels (worth five cents per nickel) since 5 x 5 = 25.

How many nickels in a five dollar bill?

A US or Canadian nickel is worth 5 cents. A five dollar bill is worth 500 cents. Thus a five dollar bill is equivalent to 100 nickels.

How many five cents make one dollar?

20 nickels equal $1.00

How many nickels make 11 quarters?

fifty-five 1 quarter = 25 cents = 5 nickels = 5 x 5 cents 11 quarters = 275 cents = 55 nickels = 55 x 5 cents

How many nickels are equal in value to 20 quarters?

A nickel is 5 cents and a quarter is 25 cents so there are five times as many nickels as quarters in any amount. That means 20 quarters is the same as 20*5 = 100 nickels.

How many nickels are in 35 cents?

7 nickels are in 35 cents.

How many nickels does it take to make 25 cents?

Five. A nickel is worth 5 cents so 25 / 5 = 5.

How many cents are there in an American nickel?

Both the US and Canadian nickels have the value of five (5) cents.

25 cents are in how many nickels?

25 cents * (1 nickel / 5 cents) = 5 nickels

How many nickels are two dollars?

One U.S. Dollar is equal to one hundred cents, and one U.S. nickel is worth five cents. Therefore there are twenty nickels in a dollar, or forty nickels in two dollars. 20 nickels = 1 dollar 40 nickels = 2 dollars.

How many nickels are in 30?

If you mean in 30 cents, there are 6 nickels (30 cents / 5 cents = 6) If you mean 30 dollars, the answer is 600 nickels (3000 cents / 5 cents)

How much is 1 million nickels worth?

$50,000It is 5,000,000 or five million cents. Now we know that five million U.S. cents = 50 000 U.S. dollars. The answer could be given in any units, nickels, dimes etc, but dollars is the easiest unit to get a good intuitive idea how much that many nickels is really worth.

How many nickels are in 40 dollars?

A nickel is 5 cents so $1 = 20 nickels (100 cents / 5 cents). Then $40 = 40*20 = 800 nickels.

How many nickels are in 435 cents?

Five cents in a nickel. Divide 435 cents by 5. 435/5=87

How many nickels in one thousand dollars?

One dollar is 20 nickels (100 cents / 5 cents). Then 1000 dollars is 1000 * 20 = 20,000 nickels.

How many different ways can you make 30 cents using nickels dimes and quarters?

Five different ways.

How many nickels to make ninety cents?

18 nickels.

How many nickels equal 2.36 cents?

Well, it'll never equal exactly 2.36, since it has to be in quantities of five. However, there are 47 nickels in 2.36 (which will equal 2.35)

How many dollars does a nickel have?

None. It takes 20 nickels (each is five cents) to make one dollar (US)

How many nickels required to make 925 cents?

185 nickels.

How many ways can you have a dollar and five cents with only quarters nickels dimes?

4 quarters 1 nickel 3 quarters 6 nickels 2 quartes 11 nickels 1 quarter 16 nickels 21 nickels So five ways

How many nickels and dimes make a dollar?

Each dollar is worth 100 cents; each nickel is worth five cents; each dime is worth 10 cents. You can put together any combination of nickels and dimes you like to make up one dollar.