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It depends. If you're asking for 50 cents, then the answer is 10. If it's 50 dollars, then the answer is 1000.

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Q: How many nickels make 50?
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How many ways can you make 50 cents out of nickels dimes and pennies?

There are 36 different ways to make 50 cents out of nickels, dimes and pennies.

How many nickels equal 50 dollars?

One dollar is 20 nickels (100/5) so 50 dollars = 50*20 = 1000 nickels

How many dimes are in 50 nickels?

There are no dimes in nickels. But 25 dimes have the same monetary value as 50 nickels have.

How many nickels do you need to make a half dollar?

10. 20 nickels make a dollar, and 20/2=10. Plus, a dollar is 100 cents, and half of that is 50, and 5x10=50. Hope I helped!

How many ways can you make 50 with nickels dimes and or quarters?

10 for nickels,5 for dimes, and last quarters 2.So it is three ways

How many nickels are in 50 cent?


How many nickels are in 2.5 dollars?


How many different ways can you make 50 sense using only nickels dimes and quarters?


How many cents in nickels make a dollar?

20 nickels make a dollar.

How many nickels make 100 dollars?

2000 nickels

How many nickels to make ninety cents?

18 nickels.

How many ways to make 41 cents using quarters nickels dimes and pennies?

50 different ways

How many dimes nickels and quarters make up 500?

If by 500 you mean 500 cents then : 50 dimes or 100 nickels or 20 quarters. If you mean 500 dollars then: 5,000 dimes or 10,000 nickels or 2,000 quarters.

How many nickels required to make 925 cents?

185 nickels.

How many nickels to make 5 dollars?

It takes 100 nickels to make $5.

How many nickels do you need to have to make two dollars?

You will need 40 nickels to make $2

How much money in a roll of nickels and pennies?

$2 for the nickels (40 nickels) $.50 for the pennies ( 50 pennies)

How many nickels in 50 dollars?

There are 1000 nickles in $50.00

How many ways can you make 50 cents from pennies dimes nickels and quarters?

My third period amazing math class did this as their problem of the day today, and we discovered that there are 50 ways to make 50 cents. We included a 50-cent piece as well!

How can you make nickels 100 inches tall how many nickels would you need?

how many nickels would it take to stack nickels 100 inches tall

How many dollars make 40 nickels?

2 dollars make 40 nickels because 1$=20 nickels and 20+20=40

How many nickels make a million?

A million nickels make a million. A million of anything makes a million!

How many nickels does it take to make a roll of nickels?

A standard US roll of nickels contains 40 coins.

How many dollars do 200 nickels make?

200 nickels makes $10.

How many nickels make 3.48 dollars?

69 nickels and three pennies