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Q: How many number of square units needed to cover a surface without any gaps or overlaps is called the?
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What qualifications are needed to be a tessellation?

A tessellation is a method for using copies of a single shape to cover a plane surface without gaps or overlaps. Semi-regular tessellations use two (or more) shapes.

What is number of square units needed to cover a surface called?

the answer is (area)

What is the geometric term that the number of square units needed to cover a surface?

The geometric term for the number of square units needed to cover a surface is called the area of said surface.

Are cells limited in size by the rate at which substances needed by the cell can enter the cell through it's surface?

Yes. It's called the surface-to-volume ratio.

How many square centimeters of wrapping paper would be needed to completely coverthe prism without over lapping the measurements are 15cm by 55cm by12cm?

If you cut and stick together then the minimum required is 3330 square centimetres. If you want to wrap it - like a present - then you will have overlaps.

What is the amount of space needed to cover something?

That would be called surface area. The way to calculate surface area varies depending on the shape of the surface. A quick google search such as "how to find surface area of a sphere" should solve your dilemma.

What is the difference between lowlands and wetlands?

In very basic and general terms, a lowland is of lower elevation but without the water sources needed to be called a wetland. A wetland can be near the coast OR inland, but has an abundance of surface and ground water that keeps the soil wet.

Why are map projecters needed?

to draw the earths surface.

The number of sqare units needed to cover a given surface?

It is the area of the surface.

The number of square units needed to cover a surface?

That depends on the surface and the units, but the surface area tells us that infomation.

What condition is needed to evaporate surface?

presence of heat energy

Surface area for cylinder-?

The surface area is the areas of all the parts needed to cover the can, which are the top and bottom circles.