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A million is one number. If you refer to the digits, a million has seven digits. "Millions" can have seven digits or more.

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How many numbers do you need to win the euro millions?

i have two main numbers do i win

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List of names for numbers such as Millions Billions Trillions etc?

trillions, billions, quadrillions, millions, there are many more that scientists have not discovered.

How many twilight fans are there in numbers?

Millions. They are old and young. There are also thousands of fansites.

About how many people take drugs in the world?

No real data. Numbers are in the millions, if not billions.

How many abortions per year in 2012?

There are no numbers on this until next year when all states have turned in their numbers but it's been steady for some years now at 1,2 millions, down from 1,3 millions.

How do you write 5826 millions in numbers?

Million is 1000000 5826 millions is 5826000000

What do you win with 3 numbers in the mega millions?

if three numbers are hit in the mega millions lottery what do I win?

What is the millions period?

They are the three numbers in the 7th, 8th and 9th position of a large number, denoting millions, tens of millions, and hundreds of millions.

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How do you you write 16.125 millions in numbers?

It is: 16,125,000

How do you write 26 millions in numbers?

It is: 26,000,000

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Yes you win something even if you get 3 numbers but with 5 numbers you can even maybe some millions or a (million) dollars

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What are the Sikh numbers?

25 Millions World Wide

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you get really lucky

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