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Q: How many numbers greater than 25 but less than 50 have 4 as one of their digits?
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How many numbers are formed with digits 078 which are greater than 0 and less than a million?

There are 3^6 - 1 = 728 of the.

How many numbers less than a thousand have digits less than ten?

All of them. We normally count in decimal numbers and therefore all digits in decimal numbers must be less than ten.

How many integers n greater than and less than 100 are there such that if the digits of n are reversed the resulting integer is n plus 9?

I'm assuming the question should read n greater than 10 and less than 100 and there are 8 numbers that satisfy this,1223344556677889So the answer is d||

How many digits numbers each less than 500 can be formed from the digits 13467 if repetitions is allowed?

There are 5 numbers of 1 digit, 25 numbers of 2 digits, and 75 numbers of 3 digits. This makes 105 numbers in all.

How many numbers can be rounded off to 4000?

An infinite number of numbers. Any number greater than 3999.5 and less than 4000.5 rounded to an integer (there are differing conventions for dealing with rounding 0.5). There is an infinity of such numbers; also, any number greater than 3995 and less than 4005 rounded to 3 sig digits; or, any number greater than 3950 and less than 4050, rounded of to 2 sig digits; or any number greater than 3500 and less than 4500, rounded off to 1 significant digit. , any

How many numbers of 3 digits and less than 500 can be formed from the integers 3 4 5 and 9 if the digits must be different?

12 numbers.

How many prime numbers are there that are greater then 80 but less then 100?

The prime numbers that are greater than 80 and less than 100 are 83, 89, and 97.

How many numbers are greater than 76 but less than 89?

Twelve numbers exactly are greater than 76 and less than 89.

How many numbers less than 100 have digits whose sum is 5?


How many composite numbers are greater then 20 but less then 25?

3 composite numbers, 21, 22, and 24, are greater than 20 but less than 25.

How many composite numbers are greater than 50 but less than 70?

There are 15 composite numbers greater than 50 but less than 70

How many numbers greater than 0 but less than 500?

Infinitely many.