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There are 3 obtuse angles. All 3 exterior angles are obtuse. (This is, admittedly, a bit of trick question!)

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Q: How many obtuse angles are in a right angle?
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How many angles does an obtuse angle have?

an obtuse angle has 2 angles. Obtuse angle: _/-acute / right

How many obtuse angles has a trapezium?

a trapezium has two obtuse angles or one if it has a right angle

How many right angles can be in a obtuse angle?

Just one.

How many obtuse angle and right angle does a kite have?

It ha one right angle, two obtuse angles and one acute angle

How many angles are larger than a right angle?

2, obtuse and reflex angles are larger than right angles A straight angle is larger.

How many obtuse angles are in a acute triangle?

None. An acute triangle is one in which all angles are acute. An obtuse triangle is one in which one of the angles is obtuse. A right angled triangle is one in which one angle is a right angle (90o)

How many obtuse angles in a squre?

None... All 4 angles are right angles (right angle means 90 degrees), meaning the angles are neither obtuse, nor acute.

How many angles are there?

There are typically 3 angles, obtuse, acute, and right. obtuse- an angle that measures over 90° acute- an angle that measures less than 90° right- an angle that measures exactly 90°

How many acute angles are in a 5 pointed star?

the answer is 5 each tip of the star is a acute angle and each angle on the inside of the star is an obtuse angle. there are 5 obtuse angles and no right angles.

How many obtuse angles are in an obtuse angle triangle?


How many acute angles are in a hexagon?

A hexagon has NO acute angles all the angles are obtuse on a hexagon.

How many right angle are in a arrowhead?

Depends. Most of the time the angles are acute or obtuse

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