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An Isosceles Triangle is a triangle with all angles less than 90o

So there are no obtuse angles (between 90o to 180o).

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Q: How many obtuse angles could an isosceles triangle have?
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What is a triangle that has exactly one obtuse angle?

It could be an isosceles triangle providing that the other 2 acute angles are equal otherwise it is just an obtuse triangle

Can a triangle with two acute angles have to be a right triangle?

Only if its 3rd angle is 90 degrees otherwise it could be an obtuse or an isosceles triangle

Has an isosceles triangle have an obtuse angle?

Not necessarily. The two equal angles in an isosceles triangle must both be acute angles. If they were right angles or obtuse angles then a triangle could not be formed. If the two equal angles are less than 45° each then the third angle is an obtuse angle. If they are both 45° then the third angle is a right angle and if they are both greater than 45° then the third angle is an acute angle.

A trianlge that contains an obtuse angle?

It could be an isosceles triangle or a scalene triangle.

Does a scalene triangle have 2 obtuse angles also?

It's impossible for a triangle to have 2 obtuse angles. A scalene triangle in one that has no equal angles or sides. It could have 1 obtuse angle or it could have 0.

What type of triangle can an isosceles triangle be scalene right acute obtuse?

What are the properties of the various triangles given:Isosceles triangles have two sides equal, two angles equalScalene triangles have all three sides different and all three angles differentRight triangles have one angle which is a right angle (90°)acute triangles have all angles less than 90°obtuse triangles have one angle greater than 90°As an isosceles triangle has two sides equal, it cannot be a scale triangle which has all three angles different.For the other three properties, consider:The sum of the angles in a triangle is 180°If one angle is 90°, the other two angles could be: (180° - 90°) / 2 = 45° each - two angles the same→ an isosceles triangle could be a right triangleIf all angles are less than 90°, let one angle be 80°, the other two angles could be: (180° - 80°) / 2 = 50° each - two angles the same→ an isosceles triangle could be an acute triangle(Note that if one angle was 60°, then the other two being equal would be: (180° - 60°) / 2 = 60° each making all three angles the same and the triangle an equilateral triangle)If one angle is greater than 90°, let it be 100°, the other two angles could be: (180° - 100°) / 2 = 40° each - two angles the same→ an isosceles triangle could be an obtuse triangleFrom the given list, an isosceles triangle could be a right, acute or obtuse triangle, but it could not be a scalene triangle.

Which triangles have one obtuse angle?

If the triangle has an obtuse angle then the other two angles must sum to less than 900. The triangle therefore CANNOT be an equilateral triangle. It CAN be an isosceles triangle with the two equal angles summing to less then 900. For Example, 1200, 300, 300. It could also be a scalene triangle with angles such as 1200, 500, 100.

How many equal angles dose an isosceles triangle have?

A isosceles triangle can have two equal angles, but an equilateral triangle is actually a special isosceles triangle, so it could also have 3.

Does an isosceles triangle have right angles?

An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles. A right triangle is any triangle with one angle that is a right angle. A right triangle could also be an isosceles triangle, but an isosceles triangle will not always have a right angle.

If only two angles in a triangle are acute what type of triangle could it be?

Isosceles triangle

Is an isosceles triangle a right triangle?

It can be because it depends on the triangle's angles. For example, if the triangle has 2 equal sides and a right angle it could be a isosceles and a right triangle.

How man acute angles can an isosceles triangle have?

It could have 2 or 3 acute angles