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the zero to the left of the decimal is not significant however all zeros after a decimal point are significant.

there are 7 significant zeros

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Q: How many of the zeros in the measurement 0.000 040 200 m are significant?
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How many zeros in the measurement 0.000040200 m are signifant?

There are five significant figures.

How many significant digits are there in the measurement 143000?

3. trailing zeros give scale but are not significant as values of accuracy

How many zeros in 57.91 million?

0000 - 4 zeroes.

How many zeros in twenty thousand?


How many significant zeros are in this number 0.01000200?

Five. Zeros in between significant digits are significant and trailing zeros that are after the decimal are significant.

How many significant digits does 0.00100 have?

three, leading zeros are not significant and trailing zeros are significant if there is a decimal. trailing zeros are not significant if there is no decimal zeros in the middle of numbers are significant

How many significant zeros are in 85000?

None of the zeros in that number are significant.

How many significant digit are in the measurement 589.0540 newtons?

All the digits are significant in this case. A zero between other digits is always significant, and all zeros after the decimal point are significant.

How many sig figs are in the measurement 0.0034 kg?

One of the rules of significant figures is that leading zeros are not significant; therefore, 0.00034 will only have TWO significant figures (3 and 4).

How many zeros appearing in the number 0.0040500 are significant?

Four of the zeros are significant... the two zeros after the digit 5 0 are simply 'place fillers'.

How many significant figures in cm?

Just 1. The zeros before the 5 are just placeholders, not significant figures. However, if the number were 0.0500, then there would be 3 sig figs. This is because the extra zeros represent greater accuracy in the measurement.

How many significant digits does 1000.0 have?

Five - any zeros after the decimal are significant unless they're placeholders. Any zeros between significant digits are significant.