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35 of them.

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Q: How many one-fifths are in seven wholes?
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How many eights are there in seven wholes?


How many quarter in 2 wholes?

it is 4 wholes

What is twenty eight fourths times two wholes?

Twenty-eight fourths is seven wholes (28 divided by 4 is 7). Seven times two is 14.

How many thirds are in three wholes?

How many thirds are there in two wholes

How many eights are equal to seven wholes?

If a whole is 1, then 7 wholes = 7. Eight eighths equal 1 whole, so 7 x 8 = 56.

How many fifths make two wholes?

Ten fifths make two wholes.

How many sixths are in 4 wholes?

24 sixths in 4 wholes

How many wholes are there in 15 thirds?

There are: 15/3 = 5 wholes

If i have six halves how many wholes can i make?

You can make 3 wholes

How many halves are there in eight wholes?

There are 16 halves in eight wholes.

How many thirds are there in 7 wholes?

There are 21 thirds in 7 wholes.

How many one-third are there in 4 wholes?

There are twelve thirds in four wholes.

How many halves are there in 10 wholes?


How many 8ths make up 3 wholes?

There are 24 eighths in 3 wholes

How many wholes in 27 quarters?

27/4 = 6 wholes and a remainder of 3 quarters.

How many elevenths are there in 3 wholes?

Since there are 11 elevenths in a whole, there are 33 elevenths in 3 wholes.

How many eighths are in there in 3 wholes?

eights make up 3 wholes

How many quarter in wholes?


How many thirds in wholes?

three thirds is a whole

How many one fifths are there in 3 wholes?


How many tenths make up two wholes?

There are ten tenths in a whole. Therefore: 10 X 2 = 20 (twenty tenths in two wholes).

How many wholes can I make with 8 halves?

You can make 4 wholes from 8 halves.

How many wholes is 100 percent?


How many eighths are there in four wholes?


How many fourths are there in six wholes?

24 of them.