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7/2 cups

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Q: How many one-fourth cups are in seven-eighths cup?
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Related questions

How many quarter cups equal a cup?

4 quarter cups = 1 cup 2 quarter cups = 1/2 cup 1 quarter cup = 1/4 cup

How many third cups in a cup?

Three ONE THIRD cups in a cup.

How many cups in 0.875 cups?

0.875 cups = 7/8 cup.

How many cups in .25?

A quarter of a cup in .25 cups.

How many cups is 600ml of water?

one cup is two cups= 500ml

If there is one cup in front of two cups one cup behind two cups and one cup between two cups how many are there altogther?


How many cups in a liter of vodka?

four cups in a liter, as a cup is 250 mL four cups in a liter, as a cup is 250 mL

How many cups of carrots equal to one cup?

A cup is equal to a cup

How many cups are in a cup and 2 cups?

it really depends on what the cups are measured by. for instance, in a 20mL cup, you can put 2 10mL cups of liquid in it.

How many cups are there in 1 cup?

There are one cups in 1cup. If what you are really asking is, how many cups are in one liquid measuring cup, some of them hold one cup, some hold two, you have to look at what it says on the cup.

How many cups are there in 200 millimeters of milk?

thais 0.883 cup

How many cups are 2 thirds cup plus 2 third cup?

1 and 1/3 cups

How many cups are in 450 mL?

450 mL = 1.9 cups Or: 1 cup + 3/4 cup

How many ozs is a cup?

8 fluid ounces are in a cup. Realize however, that many of what people refer to as "cups" (coffee cups, grande latte cups, etc.) are not actually one cup in size. If you need an official cup, use a measuring cup.

How many cups of dry lentils equals 1 lb?

Three and 1/2 cups

How many cups in average are in a cup?

One cup, in average is a cup.

How many cups equals 0.845 cup?

That is 4/5 of a cup.

How many half cups equals one cup?

2 half cups equals 1 cup.

How many third cups equals 1 cup?

There are three 1/3 cups in 1 cup.

How many quarter cups equal one third cup?

5 quater cups equal one third cup

180 mL is how many cups?

180mL is about 3/4 of a cup.

How many cups and how many pints are in 85 cups?

42 pints and a cup

How many cups equals 75cl?

75cl = 750ml, 1 cup (British Standard cup) = 280ml, Therefore, 75cl = 2.67 cups OR, 1 cup (American standard cup) = 240ml, Therefore, 75cl = 3.12 cups

How many us cups in an imperial cup?

there are no imperial cups

How many cup of flour in a pint?

2 cups