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There are 16 squares with sides of a quarter inch in one square inch.

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Q: How many one fourth inch squares does it take to make a inch square?
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How many 12x12 concert squares make up 180 square feet?

A 12 by 12 inch square is a square foot. Which means it would take 180 of them.

Can you make a rectangle that is not a square?

Of course. Make a 4-sided figure with four right angles,two 1-inch sides, and two 3-inch sides.Most rectangles are not squares.

How do youi am making a bigsmall grid of the samething how do you go from the big grid and downsize the scale to the small grid i have a 9 squares down and 7 squares across each square is 3x3 inch?

Make each square 1 x 1

How many ten inch squares would it take to make a 108 inch by 102 inch quilt?

110 of them.

How do you make 1 square from four squares?


What shape can you make out of four squares?

A bigger square!

How many inches make up a square inch?

A square inch is a measure of area. The area could have any shape but for simplicity consider squares and rectangles where the area is given by the product of length and width, lxw. The length and the width are linear measurements. You can assign any values you want to the length and width and their product will be an area. A square with sides of 1 inch will have an area of one square inch. A rectangle whose length is 2 inches and width 1/2 inch will also have an area of one square inch.

How many 12 inch squares to make a queen size quilt?


If you use Toothpicks to make four squares move only two so that two squares remain and a toothpick must be a part of a square?

Old one. Make a square out of four squares, then remove two adjacent inside toothpicks. This leaves a large square with a small square inside.

How many squares do you need to make a bigger square?


How many squares can you make with twelve matches?

five. four smaller squares in a 2x2 formation, which then make up a larger square.

How many pennies make a inch?

One and one fourth.