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6.6 billion at any given time.

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10 million

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Q: How many one hundred dollar bills in a billion dollars?
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Why is education necessary for everyone?

so you know how to read if you didn't know how to read you wouldn't know when to stop at a stop sign . if you didnt know math you couldn't count so you could'NT pay bills.

What does structured mean and get some examples?

Structured means ordered, not chaotic. It may mean the time, place, or activity is governed by some type of rule or order. An English class is a structured activity. Study Hall is mostly unstructured, except to obey rules of being quiet and studying. A game of basketball is a structured activity, but dribbling a basketball at recess is unstructured. A ceremony is structured, but praying individually in a church is mostly unstructured. Church prayers (example: Hail Mary in the Catholic Church) is structured, but personal prayers a person makes up as they speak to their God are unstructured. Writing a Book Report is structured, but writing a letter to a friend in which you describe the story in the book is unstructured. A Term Paper is structured, but writing in a personal journal is unstructured. Picture in a coloring book is structured, but a free-hand drawing is typically unstructured. A book is structured with a Table of Contents, Chapters, Footnotes or Endnotes, and maybe an Index, but a stack of papers would be considered unstructured unless some kind of order was imposed onto the papers. A file folder with alike papers is a structured organization of household bills, but throwing all household bills together in a drawer is unstructured without a system of organization.

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If you support someone, you back them up or defend them against any antagonistic people. You're in their corner or in their group. This might also mean that someone is supporting him economically by giving him money or paying bills for him.

What is working capital explain the constituents of working capital?

Working capital (abbreviated WC) is a financial metric which represents operating liquidity available to a business, organization, or other entity, including governmental entity. Along with fixed assets such as plant and equipment, working capital is considered a part of operating capital. Net working capital is calculated as current assets minus current liabilities. It is a derivation of working capital, that is commonly used in valuation techniques such as DCFs (Discounted cash flows). If current assets are less than current liabilities, an entity has a working capital deficiency, also called a working capital deficit.Net Working Capital = Current Assets − Current LiabilitiesNet Operating Working Capital = Current Assets − Non Interest-bearing Current LiabilitiesEquity Working Capital = Current Assets − Current Liabilities − Long-term DebtA company can be endowed with assets and profitability but short of liquidityif its assets cannot readily be converted into cash. Positive working capital is required to ensure that a firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient funds to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses. The management of working capital involves managing inventories, accounts receivable and payable, and cash.COMPONENTS OF WORKING CAPITALCURRENT ASSETS (LOANS AND ADVANCES) SHORT TERM ASSETSThese are those real assets which are intended to be disposed off and get it converted into money / money's worth within a period of 12 months.Examples:® Closing Stock (RM, WIP, Finished Goods)® Sundry Debtors® Bills Receivable® Cash in Hand and Bank® Pre-paid Expenses® Loans Given® Advance to Suppliers, etc.CURRENT LIABILITIES (AND PROVISIONS) SHORT TERM LIABILITIESThese are those outsiders liabilities which are payable within a period of 12 months.Examples:® Sundry Creditors® Bills Payable® O/S Expenses® Advance from Customers® Tax Payable® Bank Overdraft, etc.Working Capital is also known as circulating capital, fluctuating capital and revolving capital. The magnitude and composition of working capital keeps on changing continuously, in the course of business.FORMAT - STATEMENT OF ESTIMATION OF WORKING CAPITALParticularsW.N.Rs.Rs.a) Current Assets, (Loans & Advances)XXXb) Current Liabilities (& Provisions)XXXWorking Capital ( a-b)XXX(+) Safety MarginXXXEstimated Working CapitalXXX

What are good vocational goals for mental retardation?

Depending on the level of severity, a person with mental retardation can participate in society in a variety of ways. A person with mild mental retardation, may learn such vocational skills as simple assembly, stocking, cleaning, food prep, landscaping, or doing laundry. Some people with MR have splinter skills, for example, having good coordination or visual-spatial abilities which may allow for achieving higher skills such as driving. It is important to do an interest survey to focus on possible future jobs. Organizations such as WorkAbility provide matching services for adults with disabilities and good work skills with employers seeking to hire people who are differently-abled. Vocational goals also include skills for independent living such as paying bills, cooking, hygiene, shopping, cleaning, laundry, use of public transportation, and safety awareness. Social skills such as how to interview, how to make casual conversation, how to talk to a boss, and how to appropriately talk to someone of the opposite sex can also be part of a comprehensive vocational program. People who have more severe types of mental retardation can still benefit from independence training. This may include self-grooming, self-dressing, making choices about food or activities, and following routines.