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Q: How many one third apples would weight in four pound?
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How many apples weighing one third pound each would it take to total 4 pounds?

3 apples to 1 poundTherefore 3 x 4 = 12 apples

How many apples would it take to equal a pound if they weighed one third of a pound?

3 because 3 times 1/3 equals 1

What is the answer to Mr Green sells apples at 50p per pound. Estimate how much 2 kilograms of apples would cost?

What is the answer to Mr Green sells apples at 50p per pound. Estimate how much 2 kilograms of apples would cost?

How heavy is a pound of fjhfjhdfh?

A pound is a measurment of weight. The weight of a pound does not change. Therefore, a pound of "fjhfjhdfh" would be equivalent to a pound of "abc" or "xyz", they would all be as heavy as a pound.

The weight of a large box of apples is kg or g?

The weight of a large box of apples would be measured in kilograms (kg).

A five pound bag of apples costs2.45 At the same rate what would be the cost of seven pounds of apples?


If apples are 1.19 per pound how much would 5 pounds of apples cost?

They would cost 5.95

How much would a lbs person weigh on mars?

The answer depends on the person's weight on Earth but each pound's weight on Earth would be equivalent to 0.376 pound's weight on Mars.

How many cups is equal to one pound of sliced apples?

3 pounds of apples roughly equals 8 cups of peeled apple slices, so 1 pound of apples would roughly equal nearly 3 cups of slices.

A pound of apples cost 3 how much will 80 ounces of apples cost?

If 1 pound equals 3, then 1 ounce equals 0.1875, so 80 ounces would eqalppual 15.

How many ounces in one third pound?

There are 4 ounces in one-third pound, since there are 16 ounces in 1lb. Maybe alittle more accurate would be 5.3 ounces in one third pound.

what would be the best unit to measure the weight of a suitcase?


How many cups are in a pound of fruit?

The amount of cups in a pound of fruit would depend on the type of fruit. One pound of apples would translate into about three medium sized or three cups, sliced.

A five pound bag of apples costs2.45 .At the same rate what would be the cost of seven pounds of apples?

7/5 x 2.45 = $3.43

How does Jane pay for 1 pound 12 ounces of apples at 1.96 per pound?

Jane would pay $3.43. Couldn't you figure that out?

Which costomary unit would you use to find the weight of a table?

Pound weight.

What would weight about 100gram?

Probably an 2 apples are 2 pears

How much would a hundred pound weight weigh on Uranus?

It would weigh 88.6 pounds weight.

How much does ten pounds of apples cost?

The cost of ten pounds of apples depends on the price of 1 pound. If 1 pound of apples cost $4 so multiply the cost by 10. The answer would be $40 for 10 pounds of apples.Hope that helped. :)

Why is there a 45 pound weight in a gym?

Instead of adding a 25 pound weight, and then 2 ten pound weights, it would be much easier to add a 45 pound weight. A 45 pound weight is standard in every gym, and not everyone can lift 10 more pounds if there was a fifty pound weight (five extra pounds on each side totals to 10 more pounds to lift).

Which one would weigh more a pound of bricks a pound of cheese or a pound of feathers?

They all have the same weight ... namely, one pound.

What would you weight to get 5 pounds?

a pound of turkey

How much does an apple retail for?

Apples are usually between $2.99 and $5.99 per pound in supermarkets. Additionally, 2 to 3 apples would weigh about one pound. Therefore, an apple should be retailed for 80 cents to $1.6.

What weighs more a pound of bread or a pound of air?

By the way you worded it, the answer is a pound of bread and here's why; since bread is a solid we know it is denser than air. You said a pound, which is the imperial measurment of mass and therefore you multiply the density of bread by mass to obtain the weight (the unit for weight is lb wt or pound weight. If you worded the question as "what weighs more a pound weight of bread or..." than your answer would be the same.

If you share 7 apples equally with 3 people how much would each person get?

Each person would receive two whole apples and one third each.