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Q: How many one third make one whole?
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Related questions

How many one-third are there in a whole?


How many thirds are in one whole and a third?

The idea is to divide 1 1/3 (one and one-third) by 1/3.

Is one third closer to a whole?

One third is closer to a whole than one quarter, but farther from a whole than one half.

How many eights make one whole?

eight eghts make a whole

How many quarters make up a third?

One and a third of them.

What is left after you take one third from a whole?

Two thirds are left after you take one third from a whole.

How many eights in one whole?

Eight one eights make a whole.

How many third are in one whole?

There are three of them because 3/3 = 1

If 3 counters are 1 third then what is 1 whole?

if 3 equals one third, then one whole would be comprised of 9.

What does one third plus one third plus one third equals?

1 whole, or 1

How many 5ths make one whole?


What whole number does one third equal to?

One third is not big enough to be equal to anywhole number. The smallestwhole number is ' 1 ', and you need to stuff one third into a bag three timesin order to make a single ' 1 '.MOST of the fractions that you will ever see are ALL too small to make anywhole number. That's why we need fractions ... to be able to describe piecesof things that are too small to make whole numbers.

How many ounces make one whole?

The question needs more detail. One whole what?

Is two third greater than one fourth?

Yes, you need 3 thirds to make one while while you need 4 fourths to make one whole.

How is one-third of a set and one-third of a whole the same?

how is 1/3 of a set and 1/3 of a whole the same and different

How much is one and one third?

One and one third is the same as saying one whole piece and one third of a piece.The big number is the whole and the part of a number is the fraction. This type of fraction is called a mixed number.

How many ellevenths make a whole?

11. Eleven elevenths make one (or a whole).

How many 1 tens make a whole?

Ten 1/10's make one whole.

What is one-third cup tripled?

one-third cup tripled is 1 whole cup

What is one-third as a whole number?

one third times three

If there is 21 thirds how many whole one can you make?


How many thirds make up one whole?

there are three thirds in a whole

How many times do you have to walk a one third mile track to make a mile?

if it is a 1/3 mile track then you would walk it 3 times to equal 3/3 or 1 whole mile

How many ninths make one third?


What is one thrid as a whole number?

One third is not a whole number.