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It has 2 ones and 5 tens

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Q: How many ones in 52?
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How many ones are in 1-120?

ITS 52

How many one are in a deck?

52 cards, 4 ones

What it the value of 2 in 52?

2 ones

What is 51.8 rounded to the nearest ones?


What is the value of 2 in 52?

2 ones

What number is 4 tens and 12 ones?


51.57 rounded to the nearest ones place?

It is: 52

What is the answer middle school math with pizzazz Book d page d-52?

Iron Ones Would Rust

How many can 61 go into 52?

it can't because 61 it bigger then 52

How many volcanoes in Auckland?

7. Give or take. Main ones are Mt Eden Rangitoto and One Tree Hill

How many electrons does Tellurium have?


How many centimeters is 52?

52 Centimeters!!!

How many weeks the year?

52 52

How many tens are there in 520?


How many inches is in 52?

It depends on what 52 is.

How big is 1 52?

Do you mean 1 to the power of 52? If that is so, 1^52 is 1, since all you are doing is multiplying fifty-two ones, which of course equals one.

How many cards are in 52 decks?

52 x 52 cards or 2704

What is 45 hundreds 52 tens and 13 ones in standard form?


How many clubs are in a deck of 52 cards?

how many clubs are in a deck of 52.

The tens digit and the ones digit of a certain number are equal The sum of the squares of the digits of the number is 50 What is the number?

55 52+52 = 50

How many tens are in 600 ones?

There are 60 tens in 600

What is 52.87 rounded to the ones place?

52.87 rounded to the ones place is 53 because the next digit (8) is greater than 5. If it was less than five the answer would be 52. If we truncated the number instead of rounding it, the answer would be 52.

How many playing cards excluding the joker are their?

52 52

How many angles does a 52 sided shape have?

52 angles.

How many times does 1 go into 52?

52 times.