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It depends on the volume of the container in question. A container could be 4 inches in height but could be 40,000 cubic inches.

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2007-08-04 10:30:39
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Q: How many ounces of sand fit into a container 4 inches in height?
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How many ounces of sand fit into a 7 inches in height and 2 in width?

all depends what the depth of the container is

How many ounces fit in a 9 x 4 x 4 container?

If the dimensions are inches, the container can hold up to 80 (79.8) US fluid ounces.

How many fluid ounces in a 576 inch cubic container?

576 cubic inches is 319.2 fl oz

How many ounces are in a container of oatmeal?

18 ounces

How many fluid ounces is in a cylindrical container?

The volume of a cylindrical container is dependent on the container's dimensions. Here is the formula for Volume of a cylinder. Volume = π * R2 * H Where r Is the radius of the circular end of the container, and H is the height of the container.

How many ounces in a small container of whipping cream?

how many ounces in small container of heavy whipping cream

A snack bar sells popcorn and cone shaped containers. One container has a diameter of 8 inches and a height of 10 inches. How many cubic inches of popcorn does the container hold (Rounded to the nearest tenth)?

In coned shape containers*

There are 11.5 ounces of cereal in a container. Additional cereal is poured into the container at a rate at 2.25 ounces per second. How many ounces are in the container after 4 seconds?


How many inches high is 400 gallons of water?

The height of 400 gallons of water would depend on the shape of the container. 400 US gallons has a volume of about 206,000 cubic inches, so if the inside of the container was about 59 inches square, it would also be about 59 inches high.

How many ounces in small container of slaw at captain ds?

That is about 3 ounces

How many cubic inches of salt does a container with a diameter of 6.28 and a height of 6 inches contain?

diameter = 6.28 inches => radius = 3.14 inches Then volume = pi*r2*h = pi*3.142*6 = 185.85 cubic inches.

How many brick are used for 4'' wall in 100sqf?

The number of boxes that are 12 inches in width by 8.5 inches in height by 9.5 inches in length depends on the height of the 20 foot container. On average though, you should be able to get around 700 boxes to fit.

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