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45 required

actually its 75 required (15 * 5)

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Q: How many paving slabs 60cm x 60cm to filla space of 9 meters x 3 meters?
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How many paving slabs will i need for 20 sq meters if each slab is 450 x 450?

The answer depends on the units of measurement used for the numbers in the question: feet, metres, centimetres, miles, etc. Assuming they are measurements in millimetre, you will need 99 slabs. However, this assumes that the area is well behaved and also that you use most of the offcuts to fill up some of the space as a mosaic. If, for example, it is a path which is 0.230 mm wide then you may need 194 slabs.

Which is the difference between paving and decking?

Paving involves covering a surface with hard materials like concrete or asphalt to create a solid, durable pathway or area. Decking, on the other hand, refers to constructing a platform, often elevated, using materials like wood or composite, providing an outdoor space for relaxation or entertainment. Paving is ground-level and utilitarian, while decking adds a three-dimensional, often decorative, element to outdoor spaces.

What is the thing filling the space between concrete slabs called?


How many 450mm x 450mm garden slabs do you need for garden area of 21ft x 19ft?

The answer will vary slightly depending on assumptions: will the slabs have a space between them, and will you be cutting the slabs to fill fractions. 21 feet is equal to 14.2 of the 450 mm slabs. 19 feet is equal to 12.9 of the slabs. To complete the rectangular area, 14.2 x 12.9 = 183 slabs.

How many 450x450 slabs would i need to cover 30ftx30ft space?

400 at least

Why do concrete slabs have space between them?

Those are expansion joints. During the changing seasons with varying temperatures, the slabs expand and contract. The spaces allow the slabs to expand without cracking the concrete.

How many 450mm x 450mm slabs will cover the space of 20ft x 20ft?

20 ft= 6096 mm (6096 * 6096) / (450 * 450) = 183.512178 184 slabs

If a rug is 2 meters wide and 3 meters long how much space does it use?

2 meters x 3 meters = 6 square meters floor space.

A table 1.5 meters wide stands in a the middle of a room 4.5 meters wide. How many meters of space is left?

You would have 1.5 meters of space left on each side of the table.

What does space mean in space?

Space means distance in meters between objects or locations.

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