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The answer depends on the units of measurement used for the numbers in the question: feet, metres, centimetres, miles, etc. Assuming they are measurements in millimetre, you will need 99 slabs. However, this assumes that the area is well behaved and also that you use most of the offcuts to fill up some of the space as a mosaic. If, for example, it is a path which is 0.230 mm wide then you may need 194 slabs.

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Q: How many paving slabs will i need for 20 sq meters if each slab is 450 x 450?
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How many block paving slabs do are need for eight square meters?

Depends on the linear dimensions of both the slabs and the ground.

Paving slabs used are all 1 foot square Customers tell Joe the dimensions of the pond and he has to work out how many paving slabs they need How many slabs are needed to surround 115 ft by 115 by ft?

Joe needs 460 paving slabs to surrond the pond.

How many paving slabs for 17foot by22foot slabs are 16 by16inches?

220 should do it.

How many paving slabs 60cm x 60cm to filla space of 9 meters x 3 meters?

45 required actually its 75 required (15 * 5)

How many paving slabs would you need to cover 5 meters x 8 meters if flags are 450mm x450 mm?

first lets convert m to mm.we know, 1 m=1000 mm. 5 m =5000 mm and 8m=8000mm. Now, no.of paving slab = area of flags /area of slab . =5000 X8000/450 x 450. =197.5 = 197 slabs.

How many paving slabs needed 600x600mm to fill 9 square meters?

Area of slab = 0.6 m * 0.6 m = 0.36 sq metres Minimum number of slabs required = 9/0.36 = 25. This minimum number is based on the assumption that the area to be covered is a reasonable shape so that only a few slabs need cutting and that all the resultant offcuts are used - even if part of the area looks like crazy paving!

How many square paving slabs each of side 50cm are needed to cover a rectangular yard measuring 8 m by 5 m?

You would need a total of 160

How many patio slabs to cover a area of 9 meters to 2 square meters?

The answer will depend on the size of the patio slabs.

How many square paving slabs each of 50 cm are needed to cover a 8 m by 5 m rectangular yard?

Each slab is .5 x .5 = .25 square m. Yard is 8x 5 = 40 square m so you need 40/.25 = 160 slabs

How many 18inch by18 inch pavers would you need for a patio 10 foot by 12 foot?

53 and 1/3 paving slabs exactly.

How many 600mm x 300mm slabs do you need to cover 55 sq meters?


How many square meters does 112 18x18 inch slabs cover?

23.41 sq m