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yes it can

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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Q: How many pennies placed side by side are in a foot?
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How many pennies placed side by side would it take to go around the perimeter of 134 foot classroom?

A penny is roughly 3/4" in diameter, if placed side by side it would take 2010 pennies to equal 134 feet.

How many pennies in one kilometre?

Presumably the question should have been something like "How many pennies can be placed side-by-side to make up a length of 1 kilometre". Unfortunately, many countries use a penny as a currency unit and they are not the same size. So there cannot be a definitive answer.

How many pennies on each side square of array using 625 pennies?


How many pennies would be in one mile up side by side?

about 253,440

How many feet would 1000000 pennies be when laid side by side?

1,000,000 British pennies would be 66666.6666666032 feet, 1,000,000 American pennies would be 62499.9999999405 feet, 1,000,000 Australian pennies would be 101049.868766308 feet, and 1,000,000 Canadian pennies would be 62499.9999999405 feet (the same as the American 'penny').

What are some side-effects of swallowing pennies?

no side effects when you suck pennies you feel free

When a patient is in bed where is the urinary drainage bag placed?

I've seen the bags placed on either side of the bed. I think it depends on which side faces the doorway - the bag is on the opposite side. Usually about a foot and a half from the end of the bed.

How many miles would one million pennies laid side by side?

19 km or 11.8 miles

Where can you verify the VIN on a Yamaha snowmobile?

the vin on a Yamaha snowmobile is usually found on the right side where your foot is placed.

Which part of your foot do you use to dribble the ball in soccer?

side foot side foot side foot

What side is the fragile side of your foot?

Right side of right foot

A foot that allows the needle to sew from side to side is a?

A foot that allows the needle to sew from side to side is a zigzag foot. The foot has an open middle so that the needle can move freely from side to side.