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1 billion pennies

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Q: How many pennies would you need to collect in 4 weeks to get 10 million dollars?
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How much money is Johnny the paperboy trying to collect in Better Off Dead?

Two dollars. (Two weeks. Fourteen papers. Two dollars.)

How many weeks would it take to save 1 million dollars at 100 dollars per month?

it takes 55544000.3333 years

How many dollars make 1 million?

One million = 1,000,000 If 100 people each save 100 dollars a week, it would take them 100 weeks to reach a million altogether. Unless you mean how many dollars make a million of another currency - in which case you'd need to name the currency on question. For example - 1,000,000 Euro is 1,474,294.05 USD

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If what you are asking is "Can I collect unemployment after I have been back at work for weeks?" The answer is: No you can not.

How many weeks in a million seconds?

1 million seconds = 1.65 weeks.

How many years is a million weeks?

A million weeks is 7 million days, /365.25 is 19164.96 years.

How many weeks would it take to get 200 dollars if you get 20 dollars a week?

10 weeks.

How many weeks in 2 million weeks?

After double checking my math, I'm gonna go with...2 Million Weeks.

What is one half a million times 52 weeks of a year?

(1/2) x (million) x (52 weeks of a year) = 26 million weeks of a year

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