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Q: How many people can you fit at a 10 foot diameter round table?
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What is the diameter of a 4 foot round table?

if 4 foot is the circumference then the diameter is 4/pi = 1.27323954

What is the diameter of a round table for 10?

About 7/8 foot

What is the diameter of a 6 foot table?

If you describe a table as being 6 foot, that would normally mean that it is 6 feet long, and rectangular in shape rather than round. Only round tables have a diameter. The term doesn't apply to rectuangular tables.

What size linens for 5' table?

Table linen size will depend on the drop you need. For a 5 foot diameter (60 inch) ROUND table and using a 90 inch ROUND tablecloth your drop would be 15 inches all around the table. For a 5 foot diameter (60 inch) SQUARE table and using a 85 inch SQUARE tablecloth your drop would be 12 and a half inches all around.

How many sq feet in eight foot round table?

An eight-foot wide round table is 50.27 square feet.

Round pool 18 foot diameter?


Liters in a 18 foot diameter by 4 foot deep round pool?

About 28,944.8L

What is the diameter of a 30 foot round pool?

30 feet!

What is the circumference of a 5 foot diameter table?

Hi.. a 5 foot diameter table would have a 15 foot 8 and a half inch circumference.. or in metric it would be 4.788 meters. Paul.

What diameter of dining table is required to seat 6 people?

Each person requires at least a 24 inches for eating space. This means a 4 ft diameter table will fit 6 people. That is a bit crowded though, so I would shoot for 30 inches instead. That would mean you should have 5 foot diameter table for 6 people.

How many cubic feet of water are in a 15foot round 4 foot deep pool?

Does "15 foot round" refer to Perimeter, Diameter or Radius.

How many gallons will fit into a 24 foot x 4 foot round pool?

How many gallons will fit into a 24 foot diameter x 4 foot high round swimming pool