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Millions of people compost in a year. The figure may be higher when a differentiation is not made between accidental and intentional, determined and lackluster composting. It reflects a practice which is worldwide in extent.

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Q: How many people compost in a year?
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How many pounds to a 8 liter of compost?

It depends on the density of the compost which will depend on the materials composted.

How many pounds of compost equal one cubic foot of oil?

Depending on type of compost, density and moisture content 1 cubic foot of compost will weigh about 10 to 11 pounds.

What percent of new compost should be old compost?

There is no need to mix old and new compost. Old compost ,if ready, should be used on its own. New material will take time to rot down to compost.

What is the definition of an independent and dependent variable for science?

An Independent variable, or IV, is the thing you change. The dependent variable, or DV is the thing that changes because of the IV.The Independent Variable is the Variable that is purposely changed, it is the one manipulated. and the Dependent Variable is the Variable that reacts to the changes due to the independent Variable.For Example:in a study where you will find out which age of Compost will be more effective on Tomato plants. you have Compost A (5 months old Compost), Compost B (1 year old Compost), and Compost C (1 and a half year old Compost). you will apply these compost on Flat A, and Flat B (both Flats containing the same amount of Tomatoes and same type of soil). Flat C will be your control variable.Your Independent Variable is the Age of CompostAnd Your Dependent Variable is the Growth (Color, Size, Weight) of the Tomato basically your independent variable causes change in the dependent variable.

How many people get scammed in a year?

a lot of people

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Can people compost in their own yard?

I compost in my yard and have a worm compost in my house. Before composting in your yard, check your local laws.

How many syllables does compost have?

Compost has 2 syllables. Com - post.

Can you compost pet waste?

You can, but many people recommend that you do NOT use pet waste as compost material, because of the possibility of smell. But you can, in fact, buy composting toilets for humans, and also for pets.

Why do gardeners pt compost on their gardens?

People put compost on their gardens because it makes richer soil.

How do you dispose food safely?

The safe disposal of food depends partly on the type of food and the location or circumstances. Many foods can be made into compost. This disposal method is beneficial to many people because the compost can then be used to fertilize their garden.

Why do people not use compost in more areas?

Busy schedules, private and public restrictions, spatial limitations, and unfamiliarity are reasons why people do not use compost in more areas. For example, people may not apply compost as soil amendments, fertilizers, and mulches or they may not compost other than in the garden or the kitchen because of all of the above-mentioned obstacles.

What are compost bins made of?

The outer structure can be made of anything. Most people just start a pile of compost in an area they can easily reach. Any organic materials can be added to a compost heap.

Why do people use the compost?

because it creates healthy, rich dirt.

What is the level of composting of waste in the US?

about 15% of the people in the USA compost

How do you spell compost?


What kind of things do people compost?

A carbon- or nitrogen-rich recyclable is the kind of things which people compost. The compostable in question may come from inside the house or office or outside, in gardens, meadows, pastures or yards. It must be cooperative with decomposition in less than a year, healthy enough to lack contaminants and pathogens, and small enough to be carried safely.

Can you leave dead tomato plants in the garden for compost for next year?

It is better to pull up the plants and if they are disease free put them in the compost heap. If they are diseased burn them and use the ash.