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Q: How many people die of leech bites per year?
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How many people in the UK die from adder bites a year?

about 200 people die from adder bites each year in the uk

How many deaths a year from rattlesnake bites?

Approximately 5-10 people die each year in the United States from rattlesnake bites.

How many snake bites have there been?

If you mean bites by venomous snakes, in the United States there are 7000-8000 bites per year on average with about 5 fatalities. Many other countries do not have such statistics because many of the bitten people die without medical attention and their deaths not recorded.

How many shark bites per year?

about 5 per year

How many people die each year from snake bites in Europe especially among breeders venomous snakes?


How many people king cobras bite in a year?

It's difficult to determine an exact number as data on king cobra bites can vary and may not always be accurate. However, king cobra bites on humans are relatively rare due to their shy nature and remote habitat. When bites do occur, they can be deadly without prompt medical treatment.

How many emergency room visits per year happen because of animal bites?

Animal bites result in 334,000 emergency room visits per year

How many snake bites in Washington State per year?


How many spiders are killed by humans each year?

Not that many, I'm guessing.... It's not on the news everyday that you see people dying or getting put in hospitals from spider bites.

How many animal bites occur in America?

Two to 4.5 million animal bites occur each year in the United States

How many people were killed by rottweilers in the last year?

See related link, for some statistics on dog bites and deaths.

How many people die from a cottonmouth bite each year?

There are very few reported deaths from cottonmouth snake bites each year. These snakes are venomous, but their bites are rarely fatal due to the availability of antivenom and the fact that they generally deliver "dry bites" without venom. It's important to seek medical attention promptly if bitten by this snake.