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Q: How many people have a net worth of over a billion dollars?
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Bill Gates has how many billion dollars?

Current figures put his net worth at $84 billion USD.

How many people have 1 billion dollars?

me me and me

How many dollars are there in a billion dollars?

1 billion or 1000000000

How many dollars in a billion?

A billion of them.

How many pennies are there in 3 billion dollars?

There are 300,000,000,000 billion pennies in 3 billion dollars.

How many pennies in a billion dollars?

There are one hundred billion pennies in a billion dollars Agreed.

How many million dollars are in 60 billion?

60,000 Million Dollars are in 60 Billion Dollars

How many people are worth more than 2 million dollars in the UK?

2000 people are worth 2 million dollars

How many dollars is over a billion dollars?

A billion and one dollars is over a billion dollars.I'm not sure if that answered your question.

How many million comprise a Billion dollars?

100 million dollars would equal a billion dollars

How many trillion dollars in 14256 billion dollars?

14256 billion = 14.256 trillion.

How many people earn 1 billion dollars a year in the us?


How many dollars are in 32 billion pounds?

32 billion pounds = 50.1024 billion U.S. dollars

1 billion dollars equals to how many rupees?

1 billion dollars = 45651380057.5 rupees

A billion dollars is how many thousand dollar bills?

you need a million thousand dollars bills to equal a billion dollars.

How many homes were destroyed in cyclone Larry?

1.5 billion dollars worth of damage towards housing development

How many thousand dollars are there in a billion dollars?

A million of them.

How many billion dollars in trillion dollars?


How many dollars are in the world?

180 billion dollars

How many million dollars are there in a billion dollars?


How many billion dollars did it cost to get to the moon?

$24 billion

How many dimes are in a billion dollars?

10 billion dimes.

How many 100 dollars bills are in a billion?

10 million 100 dollars bills are in a billion dollars.

Africa richest people?

Despite the belief that Africa is a poorer country, many of the richest people in the world live there. These people include Aliko Dangote whose worth is almost $21 billion, Johann Rupert whose worth is $7.9 billion, and Nicky Oppenheimer whose worth is $6.6 billion.

How many dollars make 1 billion?

10 Million Dollara makes 1 Billion Dollars