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Q: How many people in the US don't have a High School diploma?
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How can you get your high school diploma in sims 3 ps3?

Yes they go to school , but i dont know anything about a diploma

Do you need a high school diploma to be a magistrate judge?

Unfortunetly, Yes. If you dont have a diploma you can't have a good job.

Why do so many people dropout of high school?

in 2007 6.2 drop out and the number increase but dont drop of high school Many times people will think they can "survive" with out a high school diploma. Often times their absence is because of problems in their life like drugs, teen pregnancy, etc. DON'T DROP OUT!

What are the best trade schools for a low income person without a high school diploma?

Get a G E D dont be lazy then go to a decent school.

Why is graduating high school important?

For one reason, if you think you are going to just get a G.E.D. and it be the same as a Diploma then you are misinformed. Equally on paper it may be the same but it is not looked at in the same manner as having a High School Diploma and you find it throughout your whole life repeatedly. If you can continue School and get a High School Diploma then try your best to do this, although I do understand that in some cases this is not possible and that is why a G.E.D. is benificial but dont use it just because you are tired of school or dont like the people or Teachers there because I have come to learn in life, no matter if you are at work, at Church at home with in-laws or at your children's school, there sre going to be people that you dont really like but we just tolerate them and proceed on. And at work there are things that you like to do less than others but as it is said in the Bible, "This too shall pass..." Stay in School if you possible can.

Can you become someone with out graduatin from high school and never had a job and dont know where to start?

You can, but it's much easier if you get that first diploma. Call you high school and ask about equivalency or nontraditional programs.

What is your opinion on online Jefferson High School diploma?

Yes and no, it doesn't say it offers a GED it says it gives you a diploma. The catch is is doesn't say what its a diploma to, therefore they can say that. I could say you get could a diploma from me and it would be legit, the reason is becasue it doesn't mean anything it dont say what its a diploma to.... Its not a GED but its a diploma for doing nothing other than giving 200 bucks to a trick. dont buy!

Why high school is important?

As highlighted by the American Academy, statistics show that more than 60% of job opportunities in the skilled labor force require a high school diploma. There are also a number of employers who will not even consider hiring a candidate that did not graduate high school. Therefore not only is a high school diploma and education important, but absolutely necessary in this downturned economy.

What do parent do to cause people to drop out of high school?

dont use this site!!!

What age do people get out of high school?

Depends If You Fail Or Not if you dont fail about 18

Is there a way to get high school credits after high school?

No I dont think so.

Is there going to be High School Muiscal 4?

maybe if there is DONT WATCH new people will be there i hate that lol