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Q: How many people in the world are worth more than one hundred million dollars?
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How do you write 6.4 hundred million in numbers?

That is simply 640 million; it is written as 640,000,000 in the English-speaking world and as 640.000.000 elsewhere.

What is the most anoying thing in the world?

A million people will give a million different answers. People are the most annoying.

What is nineteen million four hundred ninety thousand in digits?

In the US - 19,490,000 Different areas of the world have different notations.

What is the largest amount 1 billion dimes ten-thousand million nickels 1 million dollars 1 mole of pennies?

1 Mole of pennies. Hands down. In fact, it's painfully obvious. The next highest contestant is Ten-thousand million nickels which is 12044283000000 times smaller than a mole of pennies. 1 billion dimes = 100 million dollars = $100000000 10 billion (ten-thousand million) nickels = 500 million dollars = $500000000 1 million dollars = >.> = $1000000 1 mole (6.0221415e23) of pennies = Not even this much money in the world. But if you are curious, 1 mole of pennies is worth $6022141500000000000000.

How tall is a stack of 534000000000 pennies?

A penny is .0625 inches thick, so if you had a stack of 534,000,000,000 (five hundred thirty-four billon) pennies, it would be 33,375,000,000 (thirty-three billion three hundred seventy-five million) inches high, which is 2,781,250,000 (two billion, seven hundred eighty-one million, two hundred fifty thousand) feet high. This would be 526,751.894 miles. In metric units, a penny is 1.55mm thick, so a stack of 534,000,000,000 pennies would be 827,700,000,000 (eight hundred twenty-seven billion seven hundred million) millimeters high. This would be 82,770,000,000 (eighty-two billion seven hundred seventy million) centimeters. That would be 827,700 km. A stack of pennies this size would go around the earth at the equator 21.1533778 times! Going by the average distance to the moon (384,400 km or 238,855 miles), a stack of pennies this high would go reach the moon and back with some pennies left over (the exact value is 2.205320776 times). 534,000,000,000 pennies=5,340,000,000 U.S. dollars (thats five billion, three hundred forty million). That would mean you are tied with or barely richer than Giorgio Armani at #144 on Forbes list of the world's billionaires. If you have 534,000,000,000 pennies don't stack them, turn them into dollars!

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Approximately how many people in the world with asthma?

over three hundred million

How many firefighter came out of The World Trade Center with people?

5 hundred million

What can you buy with 1 decillion dollars?

you could give everyone in the world one million dollars you could buy ten billion lamborghinis enough to stretch around the world one hundred thousand times you could buy Hawaii three hundred trillion times

How many people in America watch the world cup?

246,356,764. ( two hundred forty six million, three hundred fifty six thousand, seven hundred sixty four) individuals are watching the world cup in the whole america.

How many people shoes in the world?

The number of people who wear shoes in this world cannot be identified what can be identified is the number of people who at least wear foot coverings which is approximately 4,543,400,000 4 billion five hundred forty three million four hundred thousand people.

How many people live near the Mauna Loa volcano?

around 500 million people in the world live near a volcano.

If you had 400 million people and gave each one 1 million dollars how much money would you need?

You would need 400 trillion dollars. This about 7 years of the entire income of everybody in the world.

What costs 5 million dollars?

There are many things in the world that be sold for 5 million dollars, including houses. Boats and planes may also cost 5 million dollars.

What is the Monetary gain for participating teams in world cup?

Spain got 30 million dollars, Holland 28 million dollars , Germany and Uruguay got 24 million dollars, the group of 16 qualifiers got 18 million dollars, and those who lost in the first round got 8 million dollars.

What was a million dollars worth in 1980?

I think it would be worth a million dollars.

How do you get a World of Warcraft source?

Buy it from Blizzard for million$ of dollars.

About how many webkinz are in the world?

over 700,000,000 or seven hundred million