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Q: How many people over 7 foot tall?
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Can a six foot tall kid jump over a 4 11 foot tall kid?


What is over 5000 feet tall?

A 5001 foot tall mountain.

How tall is mia rose?

Mia Rose is 5 foot and 3 inches tall. This is a standard height for many people in the world.

Could you take over the world with a trained 50 foot tall monkey?

You might be able to take over the world with a trained 50 foot tall monkey if no one in the world had weapons like guns or bombs. Once the world sees your 50 foot monkey, people are likely to try to destroy it.

How tall is pianist Maurizio Pollini?

He is over six foot in a five foot eight zone

How many 7 foot people in the US?

There is no exact number available, but based on estimates for the general population, it is rare for individuals to be over 7 feet tall. It is estimated that there may be around 70-100 individuals in the US who are 7 feet tall or taller.

How tall is Isiah Thomas?

just barely over 6 foot

How tall is paul banks from interpol?

Paul Banks is something around 6' foot tall or over.

What are some teasing names for tall people?

Big foot

Why people didn't know that sonic can talk?

Because he is a 3 foot tall hedgehog, and hedgehogs aren't normally 3 foot tall and able to talk.

How can being tall affect you?

Many tall people develop back problems cause by living in environments made for shorter people.(Short counters, sinks, chairs etc.) Many also develop leg and foot problems, caused by excess weight that shorter people don't develop. On the positive side, I'm told tall people command respect from others subconciously. Also, spectator events are easier to see if you can see over the heads of others.

How tall was Charlie Chaplin?

Quite short! His height has been recorded as little as 5 foot 3 inches to as tall as 5 foot and 6.5 inches. It is more commonly assumed that he was aroud 5 foot 5 which is not as short as many people think he is. However, he often selected very tall actors to play alongside him to enhance the difference.