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192 = 16 x 12

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Q: How many pieces are in 16 dozen?
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Related questions

How many dozen is 36 pieces?

There are 3 dozen because a dozen equals 12 pieces

How many dozen pieces are 504 pieces?

There are 504/12 = 42 dozen pieces

How many pieces in a 12 dozen?

1 dozen = 12 pieces therefore (12 dozen)*12=144 pieces

How many pieces are in a dozen?


How many pieces in 80 dozen?


How many pieces are there in one dozen?


How many dozens are 48 pieces?

48 pieces is equal to 4 dozen.

How many 2 pence pieces in a dozen?

Twelve. It does not matter what you refer to, there are 12 anythings in a dozen.

How many 2 pence pieces are there in a dozen?


Why are there thirteen pieces in a Bakers dozen?

12 pieces = 1 dozen plus 1 for the baker

How many egg are there in 16 dozens?

there are 192 eggs in 16 dozen.

How many bolts are in a gross of bolts?

A gross is 12 dozen (144 pieces)

How many dozen is 200?

200 each/x dozen=12 each/1 dozen 200/12=16 dozen with 8 left over.

What is the ratio of 4 pieces to a dozen?

A dozen is 12 so the ratio is 1 to 3.

How many pieces pair chess board?

There are 16 white pieces per chess board and 16 black pieces, so there are a total of 32 pieces per chess board.

How many boxes of a dozen of eggs do you need to make breakfast for 16 people?

16 eggs! :D

What is 16 dozen?

The answer is 192

Every square mile of ocean has how many pieces of plastic in it?

16 pieces

A carpenter cuts 12 12 -in pieces out of a 16-ft strip of pine How many complete pieces will she get out of the strip?

16 lol

How many pieces of chicken is in a pound?


How many pieces of 12 x 12 vinyl floor will it take to cover a room 16' x 16'?

256 pieces exactly.

How many pawns and other chess pieces are there?

there are 32 chess pieces on a board and 16 of them are pawns

What is the ratio of 3 pieces apple to a dozen?

1 to 4

What are the moving pieces in the outer shell that break up into more than a dozen moving pieces called?


How many sheets of paper are there in a gross?

A single gross is 12 times 12 = 144 pieces. 12 is a dozen.