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1600 pieces

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Q: How many pieces of tape 2.4 dm long can be cut from a spool of tape 15 m long?
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What is a small cylinder for holding thread or tape?


What small cylinder shape holds tape and thread?

A Spool

How do you braid duct tape?

get three pieces of duct tape, fold each in half hot dog style (so they're long not short), then get a small piece of duct tape and tape the other three pieces to a table so that they're hanging off of it. Now braid!

Why VCR eating tapes?

A wobbling take-up spool causes the tape to wind unevenly and eventually seize against the inner cassette casing. Once the take-up spool seizes, tape pulled past the reader head will be pushed out of the cassette and become entangled in the moving parts of the tape drive.

How many inches does a measuring tape have?

.How long is the tape you bought?

How many equal pieces of tape each 1.4 cm long can be cut from a length of 29.4 cm?

If you have tape that is 1.4 cm longs and the length of 29.4 would equal to 21 cm. This is a simple math problem.

What is the portability of a magnetic tape?

It depends on the size of the spool or cartridge. Some cartridges are smaller than a standard audio cassette tape, while others are over twelve inches in diameter !

How many feet long is the tape in a 90 minute tape cassette?

847 and a half

How do you spell tape me sher?

The likely term is tape measure (a tailor's labeled ribbon or band used to measure height and girth and similar bodily dimensions, and to measure clothing).Another type of tape measure is a coiled metal strip dispensed from a spool, used in surveying, construction, and architecture.

Is tape a long vowel word?

No, the word "tape" does not have a long vowel sound. The "a" in "tape" has a short vowel sound, as in "cat" or "hat."

Does the word video tape have a long vowel sound?

Yes. The "a" in tape is long.

How many centimeters in 1 tape measure?

It depends on how long the tape measure is (they come in varying lengths).