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A sphere has no plane surface.

But if we consider a infinitesimal small surface of sphere then we have a plane surface and this way we have infinite planes on the sphere.

Let us take the example of earth: earth is a large sphere and to human beings, so small as compared to earth, earth looks like a plane surface which is actually not reality.

The same case is with the circle, circle is a closed figure which has no sides but in other way it can be considered as a polygon of infinite sides.

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Q: How many planes face in sphere?
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How many planes does a sphere have?

infinite infinite

What has 1 curved face and 2 flat face?

There are many possible answers.For example, a sphere or a cone intersected by two planes.

How many corners and faces does a sphere have?

A sphere has no corners and if it a SOLID sphere, it has one face. If it is a HOLLOW sphere, it would have TWO faces: an INSIDE and an OUTSIDE face.

What shape has 2 flat faces and 1 curved face?

There are many possible answers. Some of these are a cone, ellipse or sphere sliced by two planes.

What solid shape has no face?

Since a sphere is round it is a shape without a face.

How many planes of symmetry does a sphere have?

A sphere has an infinite number of planes of symmetry. The plane must include the center of the sphere, but it can tilt at any angle. The question is the same as asking "How many planes can be drawn through one point ?" The answer is: An infinite number. And as long as the point is the center of the sphere, each plane is a plane of symmetry of the sphere.

How many face the sphere has?


Does a sphere have parallel faces?

Since a "face" is usually defined as a flat area and no area of a sphere is flat, the answer would be NO. It is possible to place two planes tangent to the surface of the sphere and parallel to each other, but each plane will only touch the surface of the sphere at a single point rather than coinciding with a "face".

How many faces a sphere has?

A sphere has only one face,

How many pyramid sphere face have?


How many faces has an sphere?

One face.

Does a sphere have a face?

no, a sphere does not have a face. * * * * * Yes, it does. The whole surface of the sphere is its one face.

How many face and corner does a sphere have?

A sphere has a single face, one surface. A sphere has no corners. Or if you want to think about it from another perspective - a sphere has an infinity number of sides allowing for the curved surface.

How many edges faces and vertices does a sphere have?

A sphere has no edges or edges but its face is globular.

Does a sphere a one curved face?

A sphere has just one curved face.

How many number of congruent faces does a sphere have?

A sphere has only one face so it has no other to be congruent to.

How many face does sphere have?

The answer is zero because it has no flat sides

You have 2 flat faces and 1 curved face and 2 curved edges what are you?

The section of a cone or sphere or ellipsoid or paraboloid slice by two planes.

How many faces does a semi sphere has?

It has 2 because it has a curved face and a flat based face

Which shape has one flat face and one curved face it is half a sphere?


How many faces and edges does a sphere have?

1 face 0 edgesOne face, no edges.

How many curved face in sphere?


It is a space figure make up of planes?

Not necessarily. A sphere is a "space" figure, but is not made up of planes.

Does a sphere have zero faces?

No, just one face on a sphere

What solid figure has only one face?

The sphere.