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1 hectare is 2.47 acres

1000 hectares is 2470 acres

1 acre is 6 plots

so 1000 hectares is 6x2500 anwer is 15,000

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Q: How many plot of land are in 1000 hectares of land?
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Why do farmers cultivate in small plot of land?

farmers cultivate in small plot of land because 60 families of medium and large farmers cutivate more than 2 hectares of land and the remaining land is used by the large farmers which is more than 10 hectares. so farmers cultivate in small plot of land because the land is very less and the people are very more.

What is the area of a 5.5 acre plot of land in hectares?

5.5 acres = 22,257.71 square meters

How many plots are their in 3 hectares?

A plot is not a standard measure so it depends on how big each plot is.

How many cubic meters are there in 40 hectares 15cm deep?

There are 60,000 m3 in a 15cm deep plot with an area of 40 hectares.

How many square meters make a plot of land?

A plot can be many different sizes. It depends on how it is divided by the developers or the government. Initially plot were approximately 1000 sqm, but as land prices went up plot sizes went down. There is no standard.

How many square feet in a plot of land in Slovakia?

There is no fixed size for a plot of land.

How many square meters are there in a plot of land?

depends on how big the plot is

How many feet are in a frontage?

A frontage is the length of a full plot of land, measured along the road to which the plot fronts. This is obviously variable depending on which plot of land you are measuring.

How many square feet make a plot?

A plot of land can be different sizes. I have had an acre plot, and a quarter of an acre plot. So they can be different.

How many sq ft is one plot of land?

That depends on the size of the plot. "Plot" is not a unit; it's just a professional legalese word for what you and I would call a "piece" of land. The plot you need for building a house wouldn't need as many square feet in it as the plot you'd want for building an office tower.

How many square metres make one plot of land?

As many as you want.

How many square meters make one plot of land?