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That varies, depending on the resolution and the size of the screen. In a typical case, you might have a resolution of 1024 x 768 (where 1024 is the width) pixels on a screen that is about 10 inches wide; so you get roughly 100 points per inch.

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Q: How many points are in an inch on your computer?
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How many points are an inch?

If you mean points as in character sizes.. 72 point is one inch.

How many points equal an inch?


How many points are in a inch?

A point, the standard for measuring type, is equal to .013836 of an inch. Therefore 1" equals 72 postscript points.

How many inches do 72 points equal to in Microsoft word 2007?

72 points = 1 inch 1 Line space Equals 24 points So there are 3 lines per inch

How many points equals one vertical inch in a document?

I believe it is 72 points. 95 percent sure.

How many font points are in one inch?

It depends on how your computer is set up. Typically for word processing, the font size is generally set at 72pt as 1 inch on the screen, or in non-word processing usage (such as image editing or elsewhere that works on a screen) the default resolution is 96dpi (dots per inch). For printers, check with the documentation for specific quality settings (some can have 600dpi for low resolution and some can go up to at least 2400dpi for high quality).

Where can 20 inch Asus computer monitors be purchased?

There are many places where 20 inch ASUS computer monitors can be purchased. One can purchase 20 inch ASUS computer monitors at popular retail stores such as Best Buy.

If you were a printer how many points would make an inch?

This could vary from how much you set it up. A printer could go from 50dpi-800dpi. (dpi is dots per inch.) For type setters, 72 points equals one inch.

How many points in cheddar cheese?

2 weight-watchers points for a one-inch cube of cheddar. See also:Losing weight

How many weight watcher's points is Domino's small 8 inch pepperoni and mushroom pizza?

It depends on the brand or where you get it from. A 6 inch personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (where the serving is 1 whole pizza) is 13 Weight Watchers Points and 15 on the Points Plus.

What is Font size that equals one inch mean?

Font size is usually measured in points; 1 inch is approximately 72 points.

When selecting font size in a document points equals one-inch-tall text?

Points in a document refer to the size of the font. One point is approximately equal to 1/72 inch. So, 72 points would be about one inch tall text.