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There are 210 4 digit combinations and 5040 different 4 digit codes.

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Q: How many possible 4 digit combinations are there using 0-9. how many different combination codes are possible?
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A combination lock on a suitcase has 5 wheels each labeled with digits 1 to 8 How many 5 digit combination lock codes are possible if no digit can be repeated?

6,720 combinations.

How many combinations bar codes?

One bar code can have anywhere from 30 to 70 different combinations within itself. How many combinations are in the world is not known.

If a digital combination lock on a phone has 4 spaces with digits 0 to 9 How many 4 digit combination lock codes are possible if any digit can be repeate?

I would have to say 10,000 possible combinations. (0000, 0001, 0002 through 9998, 9999)

How many telephone area codes are there?

There are 800 different combinations of area codes in the US. Not all of these are currently used, they are out of service or reserved for specific reasons.

What does the code .v mean in texting?

In texting there are many different codes and meaning for letter and symbol combinations. The .V combination is a way of making the letter and dot look like Pac-Man.

What advantages does the binary digit have over the decimal digit in terms of the internal operation of the computer system?

• Binary codes for decimal digits require a minimum of four bits. Numerous different codes can be obtained by arranging four or more bits in ten distinct possible combinations.

How many different 4-digit codes are possible if the last digit has to be zero?

There can be 103 = 1000 codes.

How many different 4-digit codes are possible if the digits cannot be repeated?

If you include 0000, ten thousand unique four digit codes are possible.

Why are the a codes so long for action replay?

because that way they can make more codes the more combinations the more codes

How many zip code plus four combinations are there?

In theory, there are one billion possible ZIP+4 codes, 00000-0000 through 99999-9999.

Is combinations of alleles known as a genotype?

A combination of alleles that codes for say, hair color, is a genotype. The physically observable trait of hair color, is called the phenotype.

If a code consists of three letters of the alphabet how many different codes are possible?

With no other constraints, 26 x 26 x 26 = 17,576 possible three-letter codes.

Are there Game shark cap codes for super Mario 64 DS?

Yes there is there are many combinations made with these codes

The number of possible combination in a 7-bit code are?

7 bits can make 128 distinct codes.

What are the possible 3 digits codes using the numbers 0-9?

Counting from 000 to 999 would give a possible 1000 combinations.

How many combination codes is there using 4 5 6 7?

Combination codes are actually permutations and notcombinations. The number of codes depends on how long (how many digits) the code is and that is not specified in the question. Also, the number of codes depends on whether or not the digits may be repeated - again, not specified in the question.There are 24 permutations that use each of the numbers once in a 4-digit code.There are infinitely many codes in which the numbers can be used repeatedly, each an infinite number of times!

How do you convert ps1 GameShark codes to a GameShark 2?

i don't think that's possible they are so different

Maths Problem Banks issue customers with 4 digit Pin Code numbers however the PIN codes have to have a pair of repeated digits 0889 6647 but not 3453 or 4444 how many codes are there?

the repeated digits can lie in any of 3 positions:XXYZ,YXXZ, or YZXXTherefore, the number of different possible repeated digit combinations is 10×3=30 (there are 10 different possible digits).There are then 9 values left that Y could be, after the X's have their values, and 8 values left that Z could be, to ensure no unintended repeated numbers.This gives (10×3)×9×8=2160. There are therefore 2160 possible codes.

What is the area code for the prefix 242?

The whole point of area codes is that the same prefix can exist in many different area codes, so there is no possible way to answer your question.

If a digital combination lock on a phone has 4 spaces with digits 0 to 9. How many 4 digit combination lock codes are possible?

104 or 10000

How many different four-letter secret codes can be formed if the first letter must be an S or a T?

If the first two letters must be an S or a T, then there are three remaining places that can be one of 26 letters. This is equal to 26 * 26 * 26 * 2, or 35,152 possible combinations.

What does a exclamation light mean on a 2010 charger?

You need to have it checked for codes to know what the possible causes are.You need to have it checked for codes to know what the possible causes are.

Can a blowout cause the engine management light to come on?

Maybe, have the codes checked to know possible causes.Maybe, have the codes checked to know possible causes.

What are the narrative codes and conventions in film?

There are different narrative codes for different films.

How do you get cheat codes on Moshi Monsters?

Cheating is not allowed on Moshi Monsters. There are MoPod codes for items. MoPod code for Monster Species are unique and can only be used once by one member. Item MoPod codes can be used once but are the same for all members. And there are Seed/Plant Combinations which catch moshling. But both the MoPod codes and the Seed Combinations are part of playing the game, not cheats.