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Question is not very clear about the context of word 'sequence' here.

If I am to select 4 numbers out of four and arrange them in order then there are 4!*8C4 = 1680 different sequences possible.

If the word sequence refers to some arithmetic sequence or geometric sequence, then counting is going to change for sure.

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Q: How many possible sequences of four numbers are there from 1 to 8?
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How many sequences of three numbers are possible?

more than 1

What is a number in a sequence?

There are infinitely many possible number sequences, and infinitely many numbers which can appear in those sequences. Any and every number can appear in a number sequence.

How many combinations for 3 numbers?

Three numbers can be arranged in 27 different sequences if repetition is allowed, and in 6 different sequences if it's not.

What four numbers will add up to be 238?

There are infinitely many possible answers. One possible quartet is (1,1,1,235)

How many four digit numbers are possible from the digit 0'1'2'3'4 numbers may be repeated?

625 if numbers can have leading 0s, 500 otherwise.

What four numbers do you multiply to get 196?

There are infinitely many possible answers. For example 1x1x1x196 10x10x10x0.196

What four numbers multiply to make 50?

There are many possible quartets: for example, 1,1,2 and 25.

What are the 2 missing numbers between 1000 and 1?

There are infinitely many numbers between them. Also there are infinitely many sequences that wil have two numbers between 1000 and 1.

If 20 newborn babies are randomly selected how many different gender sequences are possible?

You have 2 choices for 20 times, so the number of sequences is 220 or 1048576.

What four decimal numbers equal 519.654?

There are infinitely many possible answers, particularly since the operations are not defined.One possible answer is 519.653 + 0.1 - 0.1 + 0.001

How many phone numbers are possible for one area code if the first four numbers are 202-1 in that order and the last three numbers are 1-7-8 in any order?

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What four numbers can be multiplied together to get 315?

There are many possible answers. One quartet is -1, -1, 1, 315