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Any given Sudoku puzzle has just one solution. This is so long as the puzzle already comes with at least 17 digits already placed on the grid. If there are any less than 17 digits, then the puzzle has more than one possible solution, and therefore cannot be solved properly. The total number of possible combinations of digits on a standard sudoku grid is 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960. However it can be argued that many of these combinations could be the same as another, only backwards or rotated. Factoring out all logical duplicates, the number of possible combinations drops to 3,359,232. This is essentially the total number of possible sudoku puzzles. * My Friend Dev Oneal has completed an 'Impossible Level' Sudoku puzzle, as I checked the answer given by the "Auto-Solve" feature and compare with his solution and have found both was correct but with different pattern. Hence, it could have more than 1 correct answer.

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Q: How many possible solutions are there for a single sudoku game?
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What is a good single player problem solving game?

Sudoku (: Sudoku (:

Where can one play Sudoku online?

There are many game sites that offer one the opportunity to play the game of Sudoku online. Some of these sites are "YouPlay", "Web Sudoku", and "Sudoku Kingdom".

Is sudoku a mathematical game?

Yes. Sudoku is a mathematical game. Actually, I would not consider Sudoku a "mathematical" game ... it does however use some of the same logical problem-solving strategies that are applied in finding solutions to many mathematical problems. I teach middle school math and have found that some of my students who would rather skip the dreaded math class, are able to complete (and even enjoy!!!) Sudoku puzzles. :o)

What is the meaning of sudoku?

Sudoku is a game that requires players to fill squares with numbers so that every column, row, and large square contains the numbers from 1 to 9 without repetition. The word Sudoku stems from a Japanese phrase that means single digit.

What is a 3 by 3 grid which you can only use numbers 1-9 and you can only use the numbers once?

The game you are thinking about it Sudoku The game you are thinking about it Sudoku

Is Sudoku a game of skill?


How do you write a sudoku game proposal?

tanga kyo

What are the rules of sudoku?

To complete the game in Sudoku, each column, square and row must have the numbers 1 to 9. No numbers can be repeated otherwise you can't complete the game.

What is the importance of Sudoku?

It's actually a very helpful game for the brainit makes the brain think and work to really make sudoku useful play a race with your friends to who finishes the sudoku first

What game like sudoku starts with a k?

Kakoru or kakuru is a cross between sudoku and crossnumbers puzzles. There's also "killer sudoku" which is just a larger grid size (12x12 or 16x16.)

How long is the time limit per category in sudoku?

It depends on which version of sudoku you are playing. Usually there is no time limit on sudoku, however on some electronic versions there will be an automatic timer and your game will reset.

What does electronic sudoku cost?

An electronic Sudoku game costs $10 for a basic type. More advanced versions of electronic Sudoku with a touch screen or stylus could be as much as $100 or higher.

Why do you play sudoku?

Sudoku is a fun puzzle game. You use logic to figure out where the numbers go, and try to combine facts you know to figure out more. If you enjoy challenging yourself and solving puzzles, you will like playing Sudoku!

How much does a mother whale weight?

It weighs 100,000 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!is this a fun game?a. maplestoryb. gaiac. sudokuanswer: Maplestory!sudoku is fun also

What are the main rules of the game Sudoku?

The main rules of the number game Sudoku is the have one of every number in each line up , down and in each block. You can not have the same of any number in the same area on the board.

Who discovered Sudoku game?

Sudoku, originally called Numbers Place, was developed by the Indianapolis architect Howard Garns, and first published by Dell in 1979. The Japanese company Nikoli called it Sudoku in 1984. Number Place is trademarked in the United States, and Sudoku is trademarked in Japan. In Japan, most puzzles are called Number Place. Outside of Japan, most puzzles are called Sudoku. Howard Garns died before Sudoku became famous.

Is there another benefit to the game sudoku besides entertainment?

It makes your brain quicker.

What is the biggest game on sploder?

Sudoku and Nano second, by bubbles4000 and Obbrogorium by superpiggy. :)

Where can you buy a handheld bookworm game?

gamestop... they have almost every single game possible.... i looked and they have that game for $15.99

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Would like if can plan up 9 x9 sudoku game numbers to play want to make sudoku book can easily plan numbers for games title for able to do this?

ant name for person who can plan 9 X 9 games of Sudoku

What should be an ideal timing to participate in a Sudoku competition if its a hard or medium difficulty level.?

The Guiness World Record for an easy game of Sudoku is 2 minutes 8.3 seconds. An ideal timing to participate in a Sudoku competition on hard or medium would be higher then that due to difficulty level.

Does anyone do Sudoku puzzles?

There are many people that do that famous Sudoku puzzles. They can be found in the back of some magazines and near the comic section of many newspapers. The game became very popular around the year 2000.

How do you complete level 26?

We're not sure what game you mean, but please see the related questions for possible solutions to different games.

What is the translation for su doku for the Japanese?

Sudoku is a puzzle/game. Its origins are from Japanese, so in Japanese its Romanji is "sudoku" (sounds like "soo-doh-koo"). In Japanese, the Kanji is 数独. The Kana is すどく.