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First, determine the area of a football field. Remember that the end zones are part of the area. Second, determine the area of a stamp. Third, make sure your units are the same. You will have to convert from square yards to square inches or from square inches to square yards. Last, divide the area of the football field by the area of the stamp. The result is the number of stamps required to cover the field.

The area of any rectangle is the product of its length and width: A = l x w. There are 144 square inches per square foot, and nine square feet per square yard.

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Q: How many postage stamps would be required to cover a football field?
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Can you put 37 cent stamps on and add extra stamps to cover postage?


Can you put 37 cent stamps on and add extra 2 cent stamps to cover postage?

Sure, as long as it equals to the proper amount of postage in the end.

Can you put 41 cent stamps on and add extra to cover postage?


Can you use recently purchased stamps now postage has gone up?

In the US postage stamps are always valid. You do still have to have enough to cover the current postage cost. And Forever stamps are always valid for one ounce of first class mail, regardless of the actual cost.

How many stamps should you use to mail to Sweden?

Enough to cover the postage rate. For International First Class Postage it is 98 cents.

Could you use two forty-one cent stamps to cover your letter postage?

Yes, but that would be foolish. Buy some one-cent stamps to make up the 42 cent postage and save those 41 cent stamps.

How much postage to mail a letter from San Francisco CA to Victoria BC?

Two stamps will cover it.

Can you use three 37 cent stamps for a letter?

no, because for each letter, you can only use 1 stamp. Yes, you certainly can in Canada, and most other countries. Postage paid is postage paid, regardless of the stamp denomination. Assuming, of course, that the stamp total is sufficient to cover the required postage.

How many stamps do you need to send a flat rate envelope from Portland Oregon to Beverly Hills California?

Priority Mail flat rate envelopes cost US$5.75 in postage. With standard 49 cent stamps, it would take 12 stamps to cover the postage.

How many stamps from United states to Ireland?

It costs $1.15 to mail a letter from the United States to Ireland. You would have to use three stamps to cover the postage, or you could have the post office apply the postage to save a little money.

Is the cover of a book of us stamps also a stamp?

No, that is not valid for postage. It was just easier to print them that way. Make sure you use a real postage stamp on your letters.

How many stamps do you need to send a letter from California to china hong kong?

A standard international First Class International Letter costs US$1.15 in postage. This would take three 49 cent stamps to cover postage.

How many stamps must be on a letter if you want it to be mailed out in the US?

Enough to cover the postage of the letter; one usually does the job. US domestic stamps may not be valid for postage outside the US; check with your local post office, or the Postal Service home page, for information on foreign postage.

Are the forever stamps still good?

Yes, they are. As the name says "FOREVER". As postage goes up, the forever stamps you bought at the lower rate will be sufficient to cover the first class rate.

Can you combine two old stamps to make up the value of a new stamp?

Yes. Postage does not have to paid through individual stamps; as long as the value of all stamps placed on the envelope is enough to cover the cost that envelope carries, any number and value of stamps can be used.

How many stamps do you need when it says extra postage required?

It will depend on size and weight. Normally it means a second stamp is needed to cover the weight. That would be 17 cents for a second ounce. There are also premiums for over sized envelopes.

What does CTO mean in stamp collecting?

CTO stands for Canceled To Order. Countries that produced large quantities of stamps for the collector market, not intending them to be used for real postage, canceled the stamps during the printing process. You will not find a legitimate use of these types of stamps on cover.

What is the value of a John F Kennedy 5 cent postage stamp cover with Boston cancellation?

Scott #1246 Like most used US postage stamps these are worth 15 or 20 cents, the minimum amount required to catalog and stock the stamps. In Mint or Unused condition these can be purchased for about 75 cents and will always be worth at least their face value. Special cancellations and different values are likely to be worth more. Consult a postage stamp catalog, usually available at your local library for exact identification and catalog values.

How many stamps for 8 page letter?

Unless the paper is very thin/light, it takes 2 stamps. 1 stamp can usually cover about 6 pages. It depends on the type of postage, the weight, where it is going and the type of transport

How many stamps do you need when mailing from WI to TX?

Depends on the weight of the parcel and the value of the stamps. Whatever the weight, yo can usually purchase ONE stamp that will cover the postage. For example, there is a $9.95 stamp that is often used for express mail.

Are 44 cents stamps are valid?

The 44 cent stamps are still valid. But you must add a penny stamp to them. If it says Forever on it, or had no value, it can be used to cover 45 cents worth of postage. The second ounce is still 20 cents.

How old is a 4 sent stamp?

The US Post Office continues to make 4 cent stamps today. 4 cent stamps were issued to cover the first class rate of postage from 8/1/58 to 1/6/63.

How many stamps are needed on a 5 ounces letter in the us?

It costs $1.90, so 5 stamps (44¢ each) would cover it. That would be a waste of 30¢ though. I would just go to the post office and pay for the exact postage.

Do 2 second class stamps make 1 first class stamp?

There really is no 2nd Class postage stamp. Stamps are issued in multiple denominations to cover any rate necessary. While the bulk of stamps sold are those that match the first class rate, you can buy them in a wide variety of values.

How are stamps made?

postage stamp is made from (usually special) paper with a national designation and denomination on the face and most often with a gum adhesive on the reverse side and is used as evidence of payment of postage. Postage stamps are purchased from a postal administration, or other authorized vendor and are applied to mail and used to pay for mailing services and sometimes to pay for other postal services like insurance and registration. The stamp's shape is usually that of a small rectangle of varying proportions. The stamp is affixed to an envelope, or other postal cover (i.e., packet, box, mailing cylinder) which is then processed by the postal system where a postmark is usually applied over the stamp and cover which cancels the stamp preventing its reuse. The postmark usually indicates the date and point of origin of the mailing. The mailed item is then delivered to the address indicated on the envelope or cover. Postmarks have been applied over stamps since the first postage stamps came into use. [