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Approximately 13,360 pounds.

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Q: How many pounds does 1600 gallons of water weigh?
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How many gallons in 1600 pounds?

In terms of plain water 1,600 pounds would be about 191.7 US gallons.

How many gallons of water are in 1600 cubic feet?

11,970 gallons of water.

What is the weight of a 200 gallon fish tank full of water?

It would weigh just over 1600 pounds

What animal weighs 1600 pounds?

There are several animals that weigh about 1600 pounds. Some animals that can get that large are tiger, lions, and moose.

How many gallons 1600 cc's of water?

1600cc = about 0.423 US gallons.

What is the weight of a Clydesdale?

Clydesdales weigh between 1600 and 2400 pounds.

How much does an adult liger weigh?

They weigh 900 pounds on average. But they can reach up to 1600 pounds, which is twice as heavy as a Siberian tiger.

How much sand gravel and cement do you need to make 1 cubic yard of concrete?

500 pounds cement, 1500 pounds sand, 1600 pounds gravel. Mix with 32 gallons water

How much does a buffalo weigh?

Please be more specific. There are various species of buffalo that weigh differently: Cape Buffalo from Africa average around 1600 lbs whereas the Water Buffalo of India only average around 1000 lbs.The average weight for a full grown male buffalo is 1600 pounds, but they may weigh over 2000 pounds. Females normally weigh 1000 to 1100 pounds.

How much does a pinzgauer cow weigh?

Mature Pinzgauer bulls weigh 2000 pounds and up. Females are approx. 1000 to 1600 pounds when mature.

How much does 1600 liters of water weigh?

1600 liters of water will have a mass of approximately 1600 kilograms at 4°C, or 3527.4lb at 39°F.

How much do male buffalo weigh?

On average a male buffalo weighs 1600 pounds.

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