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cwt is the abbreviation for a hundredweight. 112 pounds = 1 cwt

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Q: How many pounds equal one cwt in hundredweight?
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What those the cwt stands for?

Cwt is the abbreviation for the old measure of weight known as a Hundredweight or 112 pounds(lbs) ====================== 112 pounds is a LONG hundredweight

How many pounds in a CWT?

100 pounds (US) or 112 pounds (Imperial)1 hundredweight (cwt) = 112 imperial pounds (100 US Pounds)

How many pounds is 400 cwt?

"cwt" means "100 weight", or 100 pounds. ('C' is the Roman numeral for 100. That's how a $100 bill came to be called a "C-note". ) 1 cwt = 100 pounds 4 cwt = 400 pounds 40 cwt = 4,000 pounds 400 cwt = 40,000 pounds

What does the abbreviation cwt stand for?

The abbreviation cwt stands for hundredweight. Unfortunately there are two different definitions of a hundredweight. In the United Kingdom, where it has been replaced by the metric system, a hundredweight is 112 pounds, or 8 stone. In the United States, it is 100 pounds.

How many pounds of pumpkins were produced in the US in 2006?

10,484,000 hundredweight (cwt) were produced, with an average yield of 240 cwt per acre.

How many 100 pounds are in a million pounds?

1 hundredweight (or 1 cwt) = 112 lbs NOTE : This measure of weight is always written as hundredweight with the abbreviation cwt.

How is rice production measured in the U.S.?

Rice production is measured by the hundredweight (cwt). One cwt equals 100 pounds.

What is the UK measure of mass equal to 112 pounds?

It is 50.8 kilograms. In the old days it would have been a hundredweight (cwt) but that measure is no longer in use.

What is UK measure of mass equal to 112lbs?

50.8 kilograms (it would have been a hundredweight, cwt, many years ago).

What does cwt per acre stand for?

It means 100 pounds (lb) per acre. CWT. is an acronym is an acronym for what is called "100 weight" or 100 lbs.

What is the abbreviation for hundredweight?

It is 'cwt', as it was also known as a 'centum weight'.

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