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That completely depends on what substance is in the cubic feet.

If the volume is empty, then it weighs zero pounds. If it's full of

water, then it weighs roughly 150 pounds. If it's 2.4 cubic feet

of gold, then it weighs about 2,865 pounds.

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Q: How many pounds in 2.4 cubic foot?
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How many pounds does a cubic meter of wood weigh?

Each type of wood has a different weight per unit volume. Some commonly used kinds of wood are pine, fir, spruce and cedar. Pine weight ranges from 27 to 45 pounds per cubic foot. For one cubic meter, multiply by 27. Douglas fir weighs about 33 pounds per cubic foot. Spruce (dry) weighs 28 pounds/cubic foot. Red cedar weighs 24 pounds/cu. foot.

How many feet are in one cubic foot?


How many cubic feet in a 24 foot box truck?

10 foot truck-368 cubic feet 14 foot truck-669 cubic feet 17 foot truck-849 cubic feet 24 foot truck-1401 cubic feet 26 foot truck-1538 cubic feet

680 liter equal how many cubic foot?

That is approximately 24 cubic feet

The Spartan satellite is in the shape of a cube that measures 5 feet on each edge If the satellite weighs 24pounds per cubic foot on Earth what is the total weight in pounds of the satellite on Eart?

5 * 5 * 5 = 125 cubic feet each cubic foot weighs 24 pounds total weight is 125 * 24 = 3000 pounds

How many cubic feet are in a 24 foot circle 4.4 foot tall?

It depends on what you mean by a 24 foot circle: around it (circumference) or across it (diameter)? If circumference, then volume = 201.7 cubic ft If diameter, then 452.4 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet in a 24 foot wide by 4 foot tall round pool?

1809.56 ft3

How much does a gallon of bromine weigh?

Bromine has a specific gravity of 194.800208 pounds per cubic foot. Therefore, one U.S. gallon weighs 26.040988 pounds.

Hom much does 1 cubic foot of gold weigh?

It weighs 1,204 pounds but only if it is pure 24 Karat Gold.

How much sand do you need in a 24 foot by 24 foot square 4 inches deep?

24 ft * 24 ft * 4 in = 5.437 cubic metres.

How many cubic feet are in a drawer size of 12x10x24?

12" x 10" x 24" = 2,880 cubic inches = 12/3 cubic foot(Also equal to 12.47 gallons)

How many cubic feet in 24 inch diameter pipe 10 foot long?

Volume = pi1210 = 31.416 cubic feet rounded to 3 decimal places

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