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1500 lbs There is more than one ton. For the US ton or short ton, it's 1500 lbs. For the imperial ton, or long ton, it's 1680 lbs. For the metric ton, or tonne, it's 1650 lbs.

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Q: How many pounds is three quarters of a ton?
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How many pounds is three quarters of one ton?

1500 pounds

How many pounds in 3 quarters of a ton?

An American ton is 2000 pounds, so 1/4 of that is 2000 ÷ 4 = 500 lbs. An old British ton 2240 pounds, so 1/4 is 560 lbs.

How much is three quarters of a ton?

There are several types of tons, including the long ton, the short ton, and the metric ton. The UK long ton is 2240 pounds and 3/4s of that would be 1680. The US short ton is 2000 pounds, and 3/4s of that is 1500 pounds. The metric ton is 1000 kg and 3/4s of that would be 750 kg.

How many pounds in five and three quarter ton?

2000 pounds in a ton, so 2000 * 5.75 = 11500

How many pounds go into 1 ton?

There are three different types of tons.... A metric ton is 2204.623 pounds. A short ton, the ton used in the United States, is 2000 pounds. A long ton, the ton used in Great Britain, is 2240 pounds.

How many pounds is three fourths of one ton?

(0.75 tons) x (2,000 pounds per ton) = 1,500pounds

Three quarter ton equal how many pounds?

3/4 ton = 1500 lbs

Three tons equals how many pounds?

6,000 Pounds. Every ton is 2,000 pounds.

How many pounds is 3 fourths of a ton?

How many pounds is a quarter of a ton you ask well the answer is 500 because when you do the math first you get 80 then 500 then 2000 so in that case the middle number will be you answer 500 is the answer.

How many pounds are in three short tons?

6,000# - the U.S. ton is 2000 pounds (short ton) whereas the U.K. tonne is 2240 pounds (long ton). 3 short tons (2000#) = 6,000#

Three letter answer to what weighs 2000 pounds?

There are many things that weigh a ton or 200 pounds. These include very small cars, elephants, whales, and motorcycles.

How many pounds are on a ton?

2,000 pounds per US ton.