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Go to the store, determine what kind of grass you want, read the information on the package and it will tell you how many square feet the bag will cover.

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Q: How many pounds of grass seed to cover 10000 square feet?
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How many pounds of grass seed are needed for 5840 square feet if 2 pounds of grass seed cover 365 square feet?

2 lb per 365 sq ft → 2 ÷ 365 lb/sq ft → for 5840 square feet the amount of grass seed needed is given by: 2 ÷ 365 lb/sq ft × 5840 sq ft = 32 lb

Is 5 pounds of grass seed for 350 square feet and 8 pounds of grass seed for 560 square feet proportional?

Yes it is. 5:350 = 8:560

How many square feet of grass do you need to plant if you want to cover the entire yard?

9 square feet for the entire square yard.

How many square feet will a pallet of grass cover?

A normal pallet of sod covers 500 square feet

How many pounds of grass seed do you need to cover 10000 sqft?

Calculate the square footage of your yard. Determine which type of seed you will be using. There are some variations in amount of seed needed depending on the type of seed used. Some common types are Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue. Kentucky Bluegrass requires two to three pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Tall Fescue requires six to eight pounds for each 1,000 square feet. Calculate the total pounds of seed needed. Divide the total square feet of your lawn by 1,000. Then multiply that number by the pounds of seed needed per 1,000 square feet.

A pound of grass seed covers 4000 square feet of lawn Then how many pounds of grass seed are needed to cover a lawn measuring 150 feet by 160 feet?

150 ft * 160 ft = 24 000 square feet. 4 000 sq feet of lawn requires one pound of seeds so 24 000 sq ft of lawn will require 6 pounds of seed.

What plant family has 10000 species and is the most important?

The Grass Family

If 1000 mice eat 10000 blades of grass why won't it's ratio be 11?

Because 10000/1000 is not 11. Simple!

How many blades of grass are there per square meter?

There are approximately 10 blades of grass in one square centimeter. Thus, there are 100,000 blades of grass per square meter.

How needed to apply 4.5 poun of fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn for the type of grass in his lawn. if he has 2500 square feet of lawn about how many pounds of fertilizer does he need to?

PF = ( 4.5 lb / 1000 sq ft ) ( 2500 sq ft ) = 11.25 lb fertilizer needed

Should you cover your grass with cement?

How many blades of grass in 1 meter square?

I'm going to say that there are roughly 10 blade of grass per square centimeter, which would mean there are roughly 100,000 blades of grass per square meter.