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Q: How many pupils are you allowed to teach per class?
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How many pupils will represent 20 percent of a class of 40?

8 pupils

How many pupils are there in 1 GEP class in Nanyang Primary School?

There are 26-27 pupils in 1 GEP class in Nanyang Primary School.

How many pupils per teacher?

There is no set amount of student per teach ratio. It varies based on age, class, state, and more. To find out call the local school district.

How many pupils are there in a class in China?

Average Chinese class size is 45 students.

How many pupils like chocolate?

Out of any given class, approximately 90% will like chocolate.

How many pupils do french schools have?

about 25 to 30 kids by class and 100 to 6 000 by school/high-school (depending on the size) Class sizes vary as do the number of pupils in a collège (middle school) or a lycée (high school).

What is the answer of The grade four pupils donated 15 bars of laundry soap each for evacuees If there are 45 pupils in the class how many laundry soap were donated?

45 x 15 = 675

How do you say how many pupils are in your class in French?

Combien d'élèves dans votre classe?

Would you teach your elementary class bucket or a pail or would you teach both words and why?

You could teach your elementary class to use both bucket and pail. This is because they can use them in many different contexts.

How many pupils does birchwood have?

1,252 pupils

How Many pupils does boys high have?

1,117 pupils in 2011

Why do schools close because of snow?

Well, there are many reasons why the schools close. Travel is a huge issue. Teachers and pupils/parents can't make it to and from school. Also, sometimes the heating can break down so the pupils are instantly not allowed in school.