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12 xx

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Q: How many quarter is in three wholes?
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How many quarter in 2 wholes?

it is 4 wholes

How many quarter in wholes?


how many fifths make up three wholes?


How many thirds are in three wholes?

How many thirds are there in two wholes

How many quarters make three wholes?

12 A quarter of something is the same as one fourth of something. If it takes 4 parts to make a whole and you need three wholes it is simple math: 4 x 3 = 12

How many eights are in three wholes?


How many fifths make three wholes?


How many sixths make three wholes?

18 of them.

How many thirds in wholes?

three thirds is a whole

What is three wholes divided by four wholes?


What is the answer for three wholes five over six plus 2 wholes and three over four?

6 wholes and 7/12

How many fifths are in two wholes three fifths?


How many quarters in three wholes?


How many thirds are in three wholes and two thirds?

11 thirds

How many times will 1 third go into 3?

There are three 1/3 in a whole. 3 is made of three wholes. There are therefore 3*3 = 9 thirds in 3 wholes.

What is six wholes and three fifths plus six wholes and three fifths equal?

13 and 1 fifth

How many halves are there in three wholes?

3 x 2 = 6 halves

How many sixth a in three wholes?

There are 18 of them because 18/6 = 3

How many thirds in three wholes?

Nine of them because 9/3 = 3

How many halves are there three wholes?

There are 6 of them because 6/2 = 3

How many quarters makes up 2 wholes?

Each quarter is one fourth so you'd need 8.

How many 1 over 3s in two wholes?

There are three thirds (1/3s) in every whole, so there are six thirds in two wholes.

How many sevenths are there in 3 wholes?

3 / 1/7 = 3 x 7 = 21 Therefore, there are 21 sevenths in three wholes.

What is the Improper fraction for three wholes and one half?

improper fraction f0r three wholes and one half = 7/2

How many fifths make two wholes?

Ten fifths make two wholes.