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64 x 1/4 = 16

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Q: How many quarters are in 16?
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Related questions

How many quarters make 16 dollars?

64 quarters 1 dollar = 4 quarters 16 dollars = 4 x 16 quarters

How many dollars are in 16 quarters?

16 quarters is equal to $4. This is because there is 4 quarters in every dollar. Hence why it is called quarter. So 16 quarters divide by 4 equals $4.

How much is 16 quarters in dollars?

What is 16 quarters

How many quarters are in 4 wholes?

There are 16 because 16/4 = 4

How many quarters are there in 16?

There are: 64

Carmen has 2.80 in nickels and quarters She has twice as many nickels as quarters How many of each kind of coin does she have?

8 quarters and 16 nickels

How many quarters to make 4 dollars?

16 Quarters to make 4 dollars $1=0.25 $1= 4 Quarters. 4 x 4=16 Quarters Therefore 16 quarters make $4.00

How many quarters are in 4 dollars?

a quarters is 25 so to get 4 dollars it is 16

How many pennies are in 16 quarters?


How many quarters in two inches?


How many quarters are in four wholes?

There are 16.

How many quarters are in 4.75?

4.75 = 475/100 which can be simplified to 19/4 so there are 19 quarters. Alternatively, 4.75 = 4 + 0.75. There are 4 quarters in a whole so there are 4*4 = 16 quarters in 4 wholes. And 0.75 = three quarters and so there are three quarters in 0.75 Therefore, 16+3 = 19 quarters.

How many quarters are in 4?

If you are asking this from an English Language point of view, then technically there are 4 quarters in 4, just as in anything, but if you mean what if one quarter of 4, then the answer is 4/4, which is 1.

How many Quarters are in a pint?

four quarters in a pint, 16 ounces equals a pint one quarter equals 4 ozs 4x4 = 16 ozs

How many one-and-a-quarters are there in 20?

There are 16 because 16 times 1.25 = 20

Mula has 27 coins that are all dimes and quarters the value is 4.35 how many dimes and quarters does mula have?

Mula has 16 dimes and 11 quarters.

How many quarters are in 16 pints?

It is quarts, and eight.

How many dimes and quarter you need to get 2.35?

1 quarter and 21 dimes or 3 quarters and 16 dimes or 5 quarters and 11 dimes or 7 quarters and 6 dimes or 9 quarters and 1 dime

How many dollars are in one pound of quarters?

Modern US quarters weigh 5.67 gm each, or 1/5 of a US ounce. There are 16 ounces in a US pound which is 80 quarters, or $20.

How many dollars in a pound of quarters?

Modern US quarters weigh 5.67 gm each, or 1/5 of a US ounce. There are 16 ounces in a US pound which is 80 quarters, or $20.

How many US quarters weigh 1 pound?

Current US quarters weigh 5.67 gm, which is 0.2 US ounces. That means five quarters weigh one US ounce; a pound is 16 ounces so it's the same weight as 16 X 5 = 80 quarters.

How many sixteenth-inches are in three-quarters inches?

3/4 = 12/16, so there are twelve sixteenth-inches in three-quarters of an inch.

How many whole ones is in 20 quarters?


If 3 quarters cost 48 pence how much does half cost?

You can see that you have to multiply the number of quarters by 16 to get the number of pence. Since you know a "half" is 2 quarters, multiply by 16 : 2 * 16 = 32 pence

How many quarters in a pound and what's it worth in us money?

80 quarters in a pound (1qtr=.2 oz, 16 oz/.2 =80) which is worth 20 dollars.