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It is quarts, and eight.

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Q: How many quarters are in 16 pints?
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What do 4 cups equal?

16 quarters and 8 pints

How many pints is 2 gallons equal to?

2 gallons is 16 pints.

2 gallon how many pints?

There are 16 pints in two 'imperial' gallons.

How many liters are 16 pints?

16 pints is 7.527 litres

How many qt are in 16 pints?

16 pints are in 8 quarts.

How many quats are in 16 pints?

8 quarts are in 16 pints

How many quarts are there in 16 pints?

At 2 pints per quart, 16 pints = 8 quartsOne quart is two pints. So 8 quarts is 16 pints.

How many pints equals 2 gal?

That is 16 pints.

How many pints are in two gallons?

1 gallon = 8 pints so there are 16 pints in 2 gallons

16 pints how many quarts?

There are 2 pints in each quart. Divide by 2 to get the answer. There are 8 quarts in 16 pints.

In one liter of fluid how many pints are there?

About one and three quarters.

How many pints are 2 gallons?

16 pints.